5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Your Child’s First Day of School

tips to prepare yourself for your childs first day of schoolI’ve finally come to terms that I’m going to be THAT parent at my son’s first day of kindergarten. I’ll be the mom with tissues in hand and ugly crying face in action. I really don’t want to be so I’m willing to prepare for the first day of kinder now.

I don’t know if I’m sadder about not having him home or the fact that he won’t be needing me much anymore. I never thought I’d be maternal like this. I almost feel needy and I sound so dramatic, but I’m being honest here I am not ready for him to start school. Can you blame my attachment though? I’ve been with my kids since birth only leaving their sides for a few days- a week at the most.

I’ve been taking baby steps to prepare. I recently found out he’s excited about making friends and playing on the playground. He’s a bit shy and so I can’t help but wonder what school will be like for him. I’m happy he is growing and will become independent but still a part of me wishes I could keep him small forever.

While I am learning to deal with the reality of being the mom of a kindergartner I know a few things that have been helping me prepare for his first day of school.

Here are 5 ways I’ve been preparing for the first day of kindergarten

  • Keep a journal- I’ve been writing what makes me sad and why and how I can transfer those emotions to something else.
  • Talk about it– For my sanity I talk about it when I can. I usually call the hubs and cry. I have even talked to my son about his expectations of that day. I try to make the conversation about that day seem as normal as possible. I’ve mentioned to little man That I’ll be going to take him with daddy and sister and that we will be taking lots of pictures. I keep the conversation positive.
  • Don’t plan to be alone– I told dad that I may excuse myself a few times and he needed to be there. I know I want to be there but I don’t know how long I can control the tears
  • Plan to keep busy-if you have another child that will be at home with you plan a busy day stay busy! If you don’t plan to keep your mind busy pick up a hobby.
  • Read a book– I usually turn to books when I’m having a hard time coping. I plan to research to see if there is a book on coping.

I am anxious for the first day of kinder to approach. I know how important this day is for my child. I plan to make the most of it, even if I do shed a few tears.

How did you do on your child’s first day of school?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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