5 Useful and Practical Tips from a Fashion Stylist

When I have any fashion-related questions, I always call on my good friend and fashion stylist extraordinaire Reah Norman for help. I’ve known Reah for a few years now, and I can honestly say she’s amazing at what she does. She’s an expert in the field and has a lot of experience. I just had to pick her brain and share that fashion knowledge with all of you! I mean, who wouldn’t want a few (ahem … free) tips from a fashion stylist?

Not only will these tips help prevent you from being fashionably frustrated, but you’ll save money and gain confidence! Reah’s advice is spot on and perfect for any fashionista.

Here are five useful and practical tips from a fashion stylist…

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    Reah Norman

    Fashion Stylist Reah Norman wants to help make your fashion life a little easier. Here are five useful and practical tips from a fashion stylist. 


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  • Highlight Your Assets 2 of 7

    "What do you love about your shape? Play up your confidence and use fashion to create the figure you want by highlighting your best features. How we dress every day directly reflects how we feel inside and how we want the world to perceive us. Your wardrobe should not only make you look good, but also, most importantly, make you feel good! Compliment your chest with neckline embellishing, emphasize your waist with a sleek belt or high-waisted pant, show off your legs with a skirt that hits just above the knee, or highlight your hips with a sexy bodycon dress. Accentuate what you love, embrace it, and flaunt it!" says Reah.


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  • Try it On in Different Sizes 3 of 7

    "When shopping both in the store, and especially online, it is ideal to try items on in at least two sizes. Every manufacturer's size chart is different, based on their fit model and design specifications. This is why our personal sizes can — designer to designer, sometimes up to three different sizes. Start with your general size, then go down one, and up one to ensure the proper fit. Since we all have different body shapes, getting a perfect "off the rack" fit is close to impossible. If you try on a garment that you love, and the fit is just a bit off, you may be able to correct it with an inexpensive alteration," says Reah.


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  • Splurge on Basics, Save on Trends 4 of 7

    "The key to building a successful wardrobe without breaking the bank is to start with the basics, then sprinkle in the trends. Splurge on high-quality, well-fitting basics that will stay in your closet season after season. This includes jeans, trousers, blazers, outerwear, layering pieces and shapewear. These items may have a higher price tag, but wear after wear; you will get your moneys worth in fit and quality. Once you obtain a well-rounded group of basics, the styling fun begins! Sprinkle in the less expensive fashion colors, prints, trends and accessories of the season that speak to your fashion personality and work well with your basics to complete the look!" says Reah.


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  • Choose Versatile Pieces â�� Build Your Wardrobe, Not Your Outfit 5 of 7

    "Gone are the days of shopping for an outfit from head to toe for each specific occasion. No one has the time, patience, or budget for that! Choosing versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched within your closet to create several versatile looks. This will save time, money, and ensure that you maximize your wardrobe — and allow you to shop your own closet! Get inspired trying on different head-to-toe outfit combinations and enlist a friend to take snapshots of your outfit combos. Then create your own wardrobe look book that you can reference when getting dressed," says Reah.


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  • Build Your Own Styling Kit 6 of 7

    "Having the right fashion tools set aside is just as important as your household toolbox. Especially when you are in a hurry, on-the-go, or experiencing a "fashion emergency." I recently made myself an at-home styling kit that I keep stocked, because I found that I was constantly dipping into my work kit when I needed something. Safety pins (large and small), sewing kit, handheld steamer, lint roller, fashion tape, and instant stain remover are all items that are ideal to keep in handy!" says Reah.


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  • Meet the Stylist: Reah Norman 7 of 7

    Reah Norman is a fashion stylist, plus fashion expert, host, and the Executive Fashion Director for PLUS Model Magazine. She has diverse experience in all aspects of the fashion industry, including editorial & commercial print, advertising, runway, personal shopping, event styling, casting, and fashion writing.


    Reah has found her niche in styling women with curves and immersing herself in the plus industry by collaborating with industry leaders to showcase curvy women in a positive, flattering way, and offering her clients a fresh perspective on fashion by educating them and giving them tools to look their best, resulting in increased self-confidence and fashion awareness.


    She loves representing the positive side of plus, and empowering women to look and feel great, regardless of their size. Reah believes that how we dress every day is our personal form of self-expression, directly reflecting how we feel inside and how we want the world to perceive us. She encourages women to have fun with fashion, make a statement, and to always "think outside the fashion box!" 


    Learn more about Reah at


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