5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day copyEarth Day is April 22nd and we make it a point to make this day very special. Aside from regular things, we do to try and keep our Earth lovely by being Eco-friendly.We try to learn new things to do each year.

It’s important to celebrate Earth day to my family because as I mentioned before, my grandfathers were field workers and my grandmother believed in herbal remedies. They taught us as kids that we have to love our Earth to receive it’s wonderful gifts—fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It’s important to show love to the wonderful planet we call home!

This year the kids understand a little more about the importance of conserving energy and recycling but I feel they need to know ways to love our Earth outdoors too. We’ve made it our goal for Earth Day this year to go outdoors more!

We encourage you to love our Earth! Here are 5 ways to celebrate EARTH day with your kids!


  • Start a Garden 1 of 5
    Start a Garden
    The kids enjoyed the process of starting a backyard garden. They learned about how seeds grow to plants or fruits and vegetables we consume.
  • Water plants 2 of 5
    Water plants
    This may seem like something everyone already does but having the kids do this task really makes them accountable to loving our Earth!
  • Pick up litter 3 of 5
    Pick up litter
    My kids know we don't litter it hurts the Earth! We make it a game to pick up any "safe" trash they can pick up when we are in our backyard. It's amazing the amount of things the wind piles up. safe trash for us is paper that doesn't look dirty, plastics, cans. I do this with the kids to make sure it's ok to pick up or else I step in.Have a designated reusable bag to pick up trash!
  • Reusable vs Plastic 4 of 5
    Reusable vs Plastic
    Our markets are doing their part by asking us to bring in our reusuable grocery bag but this goes for home as well. Purchase a reusuable bag for all your needs. The kids uses their to carry their toys to the backyard and even to the park.
  • Recycled Crafts 5 of 5
    Recycled Crafts
    Get crafty with the kids doing recycled crafts! Check out this recycled kids craft

How will you celebrate Earth Day? Will you consider making these Earth Day ideas a habit? 

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