6 Simple & Fun Ways to Connect as a Family This Weekend

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Play with your kids.

Don’t just watch them.

Don’t just plan an activity for them but for goodness sake, let’s get in there and pretend we are kids again. Let’s giggle with our kids. Let’s jump up and down and be carefree with them. I’m preaching to myself because I can plan an awesome activity, but then I’m guilty of just standing there capturing the moments with my camera or making sure they don’t make a huge mess.

I’m determined to change that this weekend, even if it means messing up my hair and makeup and getting a little dirty.

6 Simple & Fun Ways to Connect as a Familia This Weekend


1. “Best and Worst”  — Share the best and worst of the week. For my toddler we say, “Share what made you happy and what made you sad,”  and that helps him understand the conversation.

2. Cook and eat a family meal together.

3. Play with them. Don’t just watch them. Don’t just plan an activity for them. Get in there and play with them.


4. At breakfast, ask your child what they want to do this weekend and do one of the things that they suggested. You may need to make guidelines if your kids are anything like mine.

5. Play together. If it’s too cold outside, play some fun indoor games like 4 square. Or a fun family game that can get everyone involved. We usually let our toddler help us so he can join in the fun.

6. Start a Family Book Club. Pick a book out together that you’ll read and enjoy reading bits and pieces. They don’t have to be chapter books even if your child is starting to read chapter books.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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