6 Home Remedies to Help you Fight the Cold this Season!

Anytime I would get a cold, I remember my mom would immediately start making me a hot drink mixed with lemon and honey. Although it always didn’t taste that great (and I always protested), somehow it always worked. Her little magic concoction would make my throat feel better almost immediately. She learned this from her mom (my abuela), and in the end, abuela always knows best, right?

I asked a few of my Latina friends what home remedies have been passed down from generation to generation to help fight colds, and here’s what they had to say.

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  • Red Onions 1 of 6
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    "My mom swore by red onions to fight colds. You simply get a red onion, slice it thinly, and leave it in a container overnight. The next morning, you'll see juice from the onion at the bottom of the container. Give/take this juice 3 times a day. You can mix it with honey for flavor. You can also make red onion tea  by slicing an onion, mixing with a cup of water, and letting it boil and simmer. Then drink. I've used these natural remedies for my daughters and they've always worked like a charm." ---Diana Paola Ramos 


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  • Lemon and Honey Drink 2 of 6
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    "My mom would always make my sister and I a lemon and honey drink when we had a cold. You basically boil water, and add lemon juice and honey. Once it simmers, you drink it. Just don't let it get too cold! The lemon juice is suppose to help cut through congestion, and the honey helps soothe the throat."  ---Monika Leon 


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  • Ginger Concoction 3 of 6
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    "My grandmother loved fresh ginger roots to fight colds. First, she would peel the ginger, cut it in half and slice thinly. Then, she would put it in tight glass  jar container with about 6 oz. of honey. She would leave it overnight, and then give us the juice that was leftover. It was amazing!" ---Luz Carvajal 


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  • Garlic Tea 4 of 6
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    "One remedy that has been passed down from my grandmother, is garlic to help fight colds. She would chop 2 garlic cloves, and then steep them in hot water. She would then give it to us like a tea. Garlic is suppose to help boost your immune system. It didn't taste the best, but it worked." ---Darnelly Ocampo


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  • Salt Water Gargles 5 of 6
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    "For a sore throat, my mom would add 2 teaspoons of salt to 1 cup of warm water, and then use it as a gargle (not to drink). This helps soothe your throat." ---Liana Camacho


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  • Peppermint Oil 6 of 6
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    "For a stuffy nose, my mom would take a bowl of hot water and add a few drops of peppermint oil (or eucalyptus oil). Then, she would drape a towel over her head and breath in the steam for about 5 minutes." ---Jackie Perez


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