6 Must Haves for Your Kid’s Carry On

6 must haves for your kids carry on We are days away from boarding our flight to California. I’m not worried about traveling with the kids. I’ve prepared and talked with the kids about flying enough that they know what is expected.  I actually consider my self a pro at  traveling with young children. That however, doesn’t help with all the packing I still have left to do. I now need to finish packing both checked bags and  everyone’s carry on.

My first flight was as an adult but my kids have been flying since they were just months old. It’s really amazing how times change. I am happy to have the means to travel back and forth with the kids. If I am completely honest though, I knew nothing about what to pack in a carry on. As the kids get older I find myself having to learn what works again and what doesn’t.

My kids are only 13 months apart so they have similar likes. This makes our carry on easier to pack. If one likes something but the other didn’t bring it we take turns sharing on the flights. Consider this next time you pack for any traveling needs—do you really need double of everything?

Here are our must haves for every kid’s carry on!


  • Small toys and books 1 of 6
    Small toys and books
    We will be bringing Legos and a book to go along with it. The kids love building the characters in the book. This is educational and helps explore their imagination. It creates many hours of fun— exactly what we need on 3-4 hour flights
  • Favorite dry snacks 2 of 6
    Favorite dry snacks
    I like that airlines provide snacks and that they are also other options available for purchase. I prefer to bring our own favorites. Fruit chews, cheese crackers, granola bars, and chips are a few of our favorite snacks to eat on the plane. They aren't very messy and keep the kids hanging til we land.
  • Something light to wear 3 of 6
    Something light to wear
    Planes can be very cold at time this is why I pack a light weight sweater for the kids. I use to bring a blanket also. Recently, I found these awesome fleece ponchos and they are coming with us on our trip. They are light can be folded up small to fit in their back packs and they don't take up too much room. They double as a blanket/sweater.
  • Favorite stuffed pal 4 of 6
    Favorite stuffed pal
    Both my kids like bringing their favorite SMALL stuffed pal. Every year their favorite changes. My only request to them is that it be small enough to fit in the back pack. No carrying in hand. It also helps them to use as a cuddle buddy for naps on the flights.
  • Empty water bottles or Sippy cups 5 of 6
    Empty water bottles or Sippy cups
    We've always carried a sippy cup. This time we are bringing water bottles. It helps to refill at the airport while we wait. It also prevents spills because let's face it those small cups with lids and straws don't always prevent mess spills. It's easier and safer to bring your own.
  • Visual entertainment 6 of 6
    Visual entertainment
    I bring my phone, the iPad, and 3DS. The iPad is our go to it doubles for entertainment with a variety of apps. We have games, movies and books. It is perfect for traveling. Don't forget to bring the headphones!

What are your carry on must haves?

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