7 Days & 7 Ways to Pamper the Mother of Your Children for Mother’s Day

It’s so easy to take for granted the little things your wife does for you and your children.  Sometimes it’s because you are gone all day and you don’t get to experience or witness your wife’s super powers, day in and day out. Other times it’s just because you’re clueless, even if you saw them happen right before your very own eyes.  You wouldn’t recognize them because you’ve gotten so used to them.

Don’t worry dear husbands, if you can relate to any of those scenarios, you are not alone.

Here are some simple ways to appreciate the woman who bore your children through pain and stretch marks on her body, the woman who is constantly thinking of ways to make your house a home, the woman who loves you and your kids unconditionally.

This Mother’s day honor her and get out of your comfort zone.  Be intentional and get creative in how you will show her your appreciation. For those of you who are saying, “Well, she already knows that I appreciate her,” I want you to listen closely. She may already know this, but she would love to see it and hear it from you this Mother’s Day week.

Personally, I am treated like a queen on Mother’s day. My little men and man pamper me and shower me with love, but even I wouldn’t mind some of the intentional ideas mentioned below. You may ask,  “Why do you want more?”  It’s not that I want more, but it’s about the legacy that is being left behind when our kids witness dad’s intentional loving kindness towards mom.

This will also make an awesome Mother’s day gift for your wife. Give her these 7 things all at once in an envelope on Mother’s day.  You could even wrap them in a box as a gift (beautiful package above via Camille Deann). Let her know each day next week, you will focus on one of these.


7 Days & 7 Ways to Pamper the Mother of Your Children

Day 1: Acknowledge what she does. It’s great that you tell her dinner was good but let’s get beyond the every day compliments and let’s get specific. Think about  5 ways she loves you and your kids and thank her for each of them. You can praise her for each of them through out your  day by texting her, via email, a note or in person.

Day 2. Give her Love Coupons. Now before you get all excited, I am not talking about sex coupons. I’m talking about acts of love coupons.  On a note card, or use these blank coupons (free printable), gift her 2 Dish Washing Free Nights or an evening of Do Not Disturb Mommy time while you hangout with the kids at the park. . . .  Get creative and, well, I guess it can be sex, if you can honestly say this would make her day and not just yours!

Day 3. Figure out what are some of the little things she would like and make her a “Pamper Mommy” Basket. Take the kids shopping with you and let them find a simple item they think mommy needs (this can always make for some innocent fun).  Fill it with her favorite chocolate, lotion, drink, movie, book . . . . Don’t be embarrassed to ask her or her friends and family if you don’t know.  Give the kids some construction paper (it doesn’t matter if they are older or toddlers) and have them write mommy a note or draw a picture. Give it to her on Mother’s day or that very day.

Day 4. Send her a text saying, “I’ve got dinner taken care of.”  Grillout, bring home dinner, order in or take them out.

Day 5. Praise her in front of the kids. Praise her in specific ways in front of the kids. “Guess what kids?  When we first moved into this house, the walls were all white, but look at how mommy has made this our home by . . . .”

Day 6. Breakfast in bed or whatever other act of service will put a smile on her face.  Get the kids involved, even if they’re little.  There’s always something they can each do.

Day 7. Leave her a note and start it with,  “My love has grown for you over the years and your beauty still . . . .” Think of that physical attribute of hers that made you weak at the knees when you were first dating. Yes, if it was her boobs, let her know they still turn you on.  Ask her, “What are some of the things you do that I don’t even realize?”  Thank her for them.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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