8 Outing Ideas with Your New Baby

Before I became a mom, my thought of maternity leave included planning fun activities with my baby all day long. But between my marathon-long nursing sessions and trying to get things done around the house while the baby slept, I was lucky enough to even get a shower in during the day (these typically took place at 1 am).

As the days went by, I started getting the hang of it, and getting out of the house with a newborn didn’t seem that scary after all. In fact, getting some fresh air worked wonders, not to mention it’s also good for your baby. If you’re looking for some outing ideas with your little one, here are a few ideas you can do with your newborn to 6-month-old.

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  • Go for a Walk Around Your Neighborhood 2 of 9

    Start off slow by going for a short walk around your neighborhood. Try to plan these early in the morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not at its hottest. If you have any dogs (remember them?), you can even take them along for a little exercise. 

  • Go to the Mall 3 of 9

    Take a stroll with your little one around the mall, preferably one that's not too far from your house. If you're nursing, try to ask your mom friends if they know of good places to nurse inside the mall. Typically, Nordstrom has really nice bathrooms that look like little living rooms where you can breastfeed. 

  • Grab Some Brunch 4 of 9

    Newborns do a lot of sleeping, so why not take advantage and grab some breakfast or brunch with the hubby or friends?

  • Join a Mommy and Me Class 5 of 9

    When my son was 5 months old, we took him to his first mommy and me class. It was so much fun getting out of the house and doing an activity together. Plus, he loved the class so much and it was amazing seeing him learn and experience new things. Here's a website where you can check out mommy and me classes near you. 

  • Go to Abuela’s House 6 of 9

    Visiting your parents' or in-laws' house is not only a great way for them to spend time with your little one, but it also frees up your hands. Trust me, they won't want to put your baby down. Why not take advantage, and even take a little nap?

  • Visit Your Local Coffee Shop 7 of 9

    Take a cue from the French and head to a cafe or coffee shop. Here's a picture of my little guy at his first outing to Starbucks. He loved looking around, and the smell of the coffee was reenergizing!

  • Head to a Playground 8 of 9

    Once your baby can start holding his head up, consider taking him to a playground. He'll love the gentle motion of swinging back and forth on the swing. 

  • Go for a Quick Run to the Supermarket 9 of 9

    Take your little one to do some grocery shopping. Talk to him, and even though he doesn't understand yet, show him different fruits and explain the colors. For example, "Look at the pretty banana, the banana is yellow."

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