6 Parenting Tips from Latina Moms

Didn’t your mom always have the best advice, or know just what to say at the right time? And other times, some of the things never made sense — that is, until you became a parent yourself. Now that I have an 8-month-old, I find myself saying, “Darn, my mom was right!” so much more. From “Don’t forget to drink your chicken soup,” to “Familia always comes first,” scroll through to check out these 6 parenting tips from Latina moms.

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  • You Raise Your Children for Somebody Else. 2 of 7
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    "This is one tip that my mom taught me. She would also say, 'If you say it, do it,' and 'Apologize if you are wrong.'" -Rosalinda Oropeza Randall 


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  • El Amor Hay Que Consentirlo 3 of 7
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    "Or 'you have to nurture love' in English. As a Latin mom, I'm all about my kids, and that's great, but that's not everything. Sometimes I forget about my other half- my husband. I share this as a parenting tip because when it's just the two of you- it's all about the two of you, but once the little ones comes it gets harder and harder to remember what it was like before, what made you fall in love." -Natalia Ortiz


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  • If You Have a Daughter, Remember to Tell Her that She has to Respect Herself. 4 of 7
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    "I grew up in Mexico, so I was raised in a paternalist culture. Therefore it is not surprising that when I was expecting a baby and living in the U.S. my mom called me really concerned and told me, 'If you have a daughter, remember to tell her that she has to respect herself and don't give sexual gratification just to anyone, that men won't respect or commit to her if she behaves like an easy woman.' In a paternalist culture, that's the way women are raised, to precondition men to pursue a relationship with one woman. And most females have a lot more romance and more romantic prospects to choose from." -Keira Rossi 


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  • Familia Comes First. 5 of 7
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    "This is one that I heard a lot from my parents and that I share with my kids now." -Mari Tuten, 



  • Don’t Forget to Eat Soups 6 of 7
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    "My mom would always say to eat lots and lots of soups (caldito de pollo). When you have a baby, it's easy to forget about yourself, and if you're not 100% how are you're supposed to take care of someone else, my mom would always say to have some soup. Soup, according to her, is the secret potion for everything." -Carmen Ordonez


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  • Mañana es Otro Dia. 7 of 7
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    "My mom would always tell me that when it comes to parenting, just remember you are not perfect. Some days there will be good days and some days there will be bad days, but don't beat yourself up for it. Mañana es otro dia (tomorrow is another day)." -Darnelly Ocampo 


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