8 Tips For Moving On After a Breakup

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Moving on can be hard and painful…whether it’s leaving a place, a person or an experience (good or bad), it all involves a lot of emotional energy and it hurts like hell.

I remember my first real break up. I was in college. I didn’t realize it was coming, even though the breakup was mutual. We were at IHOP and I don’t recall anything else after we agreed to end our relationship. I just remember waking up in my dark cold room with eyes so puffy I could barely open them.  My roommates later told me that I was curled up on my bed sobbing uncontrollably. There’s something about curling up in fetal position when one is in pain.

Tips for Moving on After a BreakupIt was my last week before Christmas break and I had finals, I was directing a play at my church and I had an event to put on….  Most of these activities involved him.  I couldn’t understand why the world didn’t stop for my pain. I later found peace in my faith in God but I still found myself crying at every memory of him.

I find that when moving on it’s important to feel and process but to realize that perhaps there’s only so much grieving our heart can do. So cry, get upset but be careful you don’t hurt others in your processing. It’s also important to forgive.  Whether you’re forgiving yourself, asking for forgiveness or forgiving someone else. Forgiveness, is a pivotal point everyone must come to, in order to move on with ones life. When we miss this pivotal step we are walking towards the dark and lonely world of bitterness.  So let’s leave the past where it belongs and stop blaming “them.” Let’s move on!

Here are 8 tips to encourage you to move on! I will leave you with these words from Tori Amos, “Girls, you’ve gotta know when it’s time to turn the page.”

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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