8 Tips for Mamas with Trouble Sleeping

8 tips for trouble sleeping mamasI’m getting ready to hit 30 years old in a couple of years and I still manage to stay up like I’m partying in my early 20’s! Lately bed time for this mama is hitting close to 5AM. I really have trouble sleeping.

I see my friends say good night on social media and then wake back up to say good morning. I use to think this was OK. Most days I would stay up working. I’d have deadlines that needed to be met. Now I stay up getting ahead on work, watching YouTube videos, and even text my husband who works nights.

I don’t really know when things changed. I don’t know if it was my procrastinating habits or if I was really just becoming an insomniac. I had to change my habit that’s for sure. I looked into different options to help sooth me to sleep. My Nana was a curandera (A woman who practices Mexican herbal remedies) there are many things I knew I could try.

Here are a few tips that help me sleep.

  • Drink Tea 1 of 8
    Drink Tea
    My Nana believed in drinking lettuce tea. I am not a fan but it does work. Chamomile is my tea of choice. It's soothing and also gets the job done. There are various sleep time tea combinations in the market today. Find one you like but be sure it doesn't contain caffeine.
  • Power off gadgets 2 of 8
    Power off gadgets
    All technology should be off before you climb into bed. This includes that cell phone sitting next to you. If power off isn't an option use a privacy setting most phones have this now. They are a huge distraction when you are laying in bed unable to sleep.
  • Lavender baths 3 of 8
    Lavender baths
    Take a nice bath using lavender products. They aren't just for babies. Try lotions, candles and mists also if baths aren't an option.
  • Soothing Sounds 4 of 8
    Soothing Sounds
    Classical music or soothing sounds have helped some nights when the kids were restless. This also helped set the mood for bed. It helped get me to sleep just as fast as the kids.
  • Get Comfortable 5 of 8
    Get Comfortable
    Pillows and blankets can make a world of a difference to getting comfortable. Splurge on bedding that will comfort you and aid your sleep. I love body pillows and our down comforter. I discovered they helped during a hotel stay.
  • Set a bedtime hour 6 of 8
    Set a bedtime hour
    By setting a time to go to bed you prepare your mind for peace. It has allowed me to get organized and I feel comfortable going to bed knowing I set a decent time to sleep and also accomplished things before bed.
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  • No late night snacking 7 of 8
    No late night snacking
    Staying up late can trigger midnight snacking. Resist the urge don't eat anything especially junk food 5 hours before bed. The grease food and the heaviness will keep you up.
  • No Evening Cafe 8 of 8
    No Evening Cafe
    Resist the urge to a dessert with coffee or even a latte from your favorite coffee shop. Caffeine should be avoided after 5 pm Caffeine keeps you energized and will aid to your insomnia.


Life still happens but I feel better having a plan. I have since then cut back on my work hours and have focused on my health including the amount of hours I sleep.

What is your bedtime routine? Do you find yourself having trouble sleeping?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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