8 Ways to Enjoy Spring This Weekend — Even If It’s Raining!

april showers.jpgThe earth is awakening and bursting forth in all its glory! It’s been raining and cold here so I’ve been walking around in my fleece jacket and hat.

But yesterday the sun graced us with its presence, and we had a glorious day! We went outside and played with “la primavera” (AKA: spring). We couldn’t help ourselves. My kids were twirling and running around in the dry lush green knoll.

8 Ways To Enjoy Spring This Weekend  — Even If It’s Raining:

1. Put on Your Galoshes…

… and go outside and splash away in a puddle of water! You’re never too old to jump in water puddles, so mama go out there and join the kids!

2. Go on a Nature Walk or Scavenger Hunt

This is the Nature Scavenger Hunt we use, and the kids love it! We actually did it a few weeks ago in the rain. You can also have toddlers go on an I Spy “Color Walk” and have them spy the colors — this is also a great way to teach them Spanish: verde, azul, rojo, blanco …

3. Have a Picnic

If you’re in a hurry pick up some food at your local fast food restaurant or deli and enjoy a picnic with the kids!

4. Go on a Hike

Look up your local hiking areas and enjoy a day speaking to the trees. Even if it’s drizzling, you can still just put on raincoats and enjoy a short hike. We’ve done plenty of hikes in the rain, and it was so much fun for the kids.

5. Set up a Teepee Outside…

…and create your own little relaxing reading fort — I mean for the kids!  Spring always begs for reading outdoors.

6. Start a Garden

If it’s raining hard, you can still get started on planning and purchasing seeds for your garden. Or start them in small pots and then transfer them over outdoors.

7. Go out and Find a Pet…

…a pet rock, that is. Then work with your kids on decorating it!

8. Make Homemade Lemonade

Now that definitely sets the ambiance for spring.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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