9 Mexican Food Dishes I Wish My Kids Loved

Growing up I remember eating some of the best Mexican food dishes EVER! My grandmother specifically made the best meals for us growing up. She never consulted with us to see what foods we’d like to eat; she just served and we ate!

I remember strolling through the kitchen to smell what she was cooking. I never asked; I just watched her cook all day. When she finally served us, she would say, “you better eat it all or you won’t grow.” There was no question that our plates were not to be left empty. While there were some ingredients I wasn’t fond of, I ate everything out of respect.

Now that I’m a mom I’ve realized my parenting style is a bit different. I’ve been consulting with my children to see what they want to eat since they were tiny toddlers.  Some days I wish I didn’t because now they are quite picky about eating certain Mexican dishes that I happen to love.

Now that they’re past the toddler stage, when I cook without really discussing what we are going to have for dinner, it doesn’t end well. They mostly like the traditional American meals my husband cooks. When it comes to me cooking really authentic traditional Mexican food, they can get a little out of hand. I’m suddenly bombarded with questions about their meals and “I don’t like that” comments. Nonetheless, I serve my kids small amounts of my Mexican dishes and have them taste even if they don’t like it. If we are lucky, a few tastes equal a successful dinner they may not love it, but they don’t hate it, and I can be ok with that.

Here are a few of my favorite Mexican dishes I wish my kids loved!

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    When I cook it's usually Mexican food. It can be hard to cook for my kids when I know they don't like a lot of the things I love to eat. Scroll through to see what 9 Mexican food dishes I wish they loved!

  • Menudo 2 of 10

    Menudo is cow stomach lining soup! Sounds different than what you're used to, but I assure you this soup is so delicious. I've been eating this since I was a kid. While it's usually a great Sunday morning breakfast served with warm corn tortillas, I like to eat it all days of the week. It's perfect during all seasons. It is topped with a squeeze of lime juice, fresh cilantro, fine chopped onion, and crushed oregano.  My husband loves the broth alone (no meat pieces) and it's delicious! I serve the broth with pieces of tortilla in it instead of meat for the kids too, as this is the only way they will eat it. 

    Try this Menudo recipe

  • Birria 3 of 10

    A spicy stew traditionally made out of goat or lamb meat. My grandfather, who is originally from Jalisco where this dish originates, would cook this the old-fashioned way for fiestas in a fire hole dug in our backyard, with the meal covered and cooked overnight. My family makes it in the home with the same traditional flavors using beef, turkey, or chicken! I love the beef birria. It is topped with onion, cilantro, and lime served with warm corn tortillas. The kids aren't a fan of the spicy taste, so my dad has taught me how to not make it as spicy.

    Try this Birria Recipe 

  • Enchiladas 4 of 10

    Green and red enchiladas are my favorite. The kids don't like the taste of their tortilla being drenched and cooked in the specific recipe sauces, so I serve them these dishes with the sauce lightly drizzled or on the side. Enchiladas have become so versatile in our home, but authentic red sauce enchiladas are the best served with a side of rice. They can be filled with chicken or any desired meat paired with a sauce. I grew up eating them filled with cheese. They are topped with lettuce, onion, sour cream and queso fresco or cotija! The kids eat them plain with a side of cheese. Their biggest request is to keep the sour cream away. The kids enjoy making enchiladas more than eating them.

    Try this green enchilada sauce recipe

  • Chilaquiles 5 of 10

    Chilaquiles involve red sauce over lightly fried corn triangle tortilla pieces. The sauce is made up of tomato sauce or tomatoes and chiles and spices. The heat can be turned up to or down to your liking. The kids again aren't fans of sauces, so this is a hard dish to have them request. When I do cook it, I overcook the tortillas so the sauce is not as liquefied. It is topped with sour cream, queso fresco, and a side of beans. I've created a healthier version of chilaquiles using chicken. While this is typically a breakfast meal, my creation is now a dinner. The kids enjoy it this way much more. 

    Try this Chilaquiles recipe 

  • Mole 6 of 10

    A spicy brown sauce using a combination of chiles and spices. Paste used to make the sauce is now sold for your convenience for fast and easy mole making. It is easy to manipulate the heat in the sauce, which is served over chicken. My kids aren't big fans of the sauce, so we put it on the side and make ours using shredded chicken breast. It is served with rice. I wish my kids loved this dish as much as I do because it is one of the best dishes I know how to make! 

    Try this Mole recipe 

  • Caldo de pollo 7 of 10

    Caldo de pollo is our version of a chicken soup! This  Mexican chicken stew can be made up of any produce you may have in your home. It is made up different ingredients every time in our home, so no caldo de pollo has ever been exactly the same. I prefer mine with a lot of zucchini, potatoes, carrots, and minced tomato and onion, served over Mexican rice. My grandmother was known for making it with cabbage and chayote (my least favorite veggies). Since my kids love soup, this can be a good meal, but it's hard to get them to eat everything in our caldo.

    Try this Caldo de pollo recipe 

  • Albondigas 8 of 10

    Mexican meatball stew! These meatballs are made of beef but can be made of ground turkey too! Our recipe consists of rice in meatballs and in the broth. It really should be rice stew as much as we put rice in this dish! The kids enjoyed eating this as littler kids but suddenly they aren't fans of it now. I love to cook it with onion and tomato for flavoring. This is one of the easiest meals to make and my favorite in the fall season!

    Try this Albondigas recipe

  • Quesadillas 9 of 10

    Tortillas with cheese, need I say more? I prefer flour tortillas with Monterey Jack cheese but really any cheese will do. The kids used to be big fans of these as toddlers it was a quick snack to munch on. Today they prefer a plain tortilla and the gooey cheese is a huge turn off for them. I wish they'd enjoy them because I could make all kinds of quesadillas with different cheeses and meats. 

    Try this Quesadilla Recipe

  • Sopes 10 of 10

    A corn masa the size of your palm fried and then served with a topping of meat and assorted veggies, creams and salsas; it's one of my favorite mexican dishes. It is served with rice and beans. The kids don't like the toppings unless it's just beans and rice. I've had to make a simpler version of a sope just for them. If it were up to me I'd have these once a day anytime of the day. I do enjoy making sopes from scratch with the kids just wish they'd want to eat them as much as they like making them. 

     Try this Sopes masa recipe and Super sopes recipe 




Are your kids picky eaters? What favorite foods do you wish they loved?


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