9 Ways to Stay Hydrated

Getting the kids to stay hydrated while being active outdoors can get tricky. Every summer I find myself looking for new ways for the whole family to stay hydrated.  It’s not that the kids don’t ask for drinks; our day sometimes gets very busy and even dad and I forget to take breaks. Lately, getting creative in the kitchen has really helped keep us happily hydrated.

I use to believe that water was the only way to stay hydrated. During my pregnancies, I found it really difficult to stay hydrated because water made me so nauseous. Now as a mom I know I have to set the right example, and though I struggle at times, I know what is best for our family. I’ve learned that there are several different things that make drinking water fun and also that there are different beverages and foods that can help with hydration.

Since the kids hardly drink sugary drinks, we make it a point to dilute most of their beverages. The same goes with snacks: it’s best to stick to natural flavoring. However, an occasional sweet treat can be ok and benefit them, especially on a hot summer day when they need to keep from getting parched.  Making it fun is the way to make summer hydration simple!

Consider these 9 ways your family can stay hydrated!

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    Scroll through for 9 ways to keep the family happily hydrated! 

  • Popsicles 2 of 10

    I created these cool homemade popsicles for the kids and they were a total hit! Using just natural fruit juices and water you can have a great hydrating treat for this summer!  Check out your local stores for popsicle molds and get creative in the kitchen! 

  • Fun cups 3 of 10

    Pick up some cool fun cups. My kids love using cups they've chosen and that are specifically theirs. They are quick to ask for refills when they are all out of water. 

  • Shaped ice 4 of 10

    Fun-shaped ice gets my kids excited. Some days we pop some into our drinks; other days, we just pop these small berry-shaped ice cubes in our mouths and head out to play. My kids love them! 

  • Aguas Frescas 5 of 10

    Natural-flavored fruit waters, better known as aguas frescas, are one of my favorite ways to stay hydrated. I recently shared our favorite recipe for Lime and Banana Agua Fresca! These are so easy to make and most use as little as 4 ingredients.


  • Water ice or Raspados 6 of 10

    An occasional sweet treat like water ice or raspados can be the perfect summertime hydrating treat!  

  • Frozen Fruit in water 7 of 10

    My family loves frozen grapes and strawberries. We usually add them to our water and use them as natural ice cubes. When they get soft enough to bite they taste delicious! 

  • Fruits 8 of 10

    Fruits like watermelon and veggies like cucumbers are great source for hydrating, as they contain so much water. My kids enjoy these cold as a quick snack! 

  • Hydration chart for kids 9 of 10

    I recently started a hydration chart with my little ones. This helps me keep track of their intake and also a great way to learn about hydration. The fun part is coloring the chart and receiving a reward for participating! Make hydration fun with your kids and download this Stay Hydrated printable

  • Crazy Straws 10 of 10

    Crazy straws are fun for the whole family. The kids like the bendable and color changing straws the best! This is a guarantee that all their beverage will be gone just because the straws make it fun to sip on water! 


How do you stay hydrated?

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