Advice from Moms: What I Should NOT Buy My Child for Kindergarten

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I asked a few of my mom friends for advice on shopping for my son’s school year. Since this is our first year of school I wanted to be prepared  for Kindergarten. I knew my mom friends would give me some thoughts on how to shop and what to shop for I especially wanted to know what I should NOT buy or waste my money on.

I am happy I asked because many things were brought to my attention. From school clothes to  shoes to supplies to backpacks it was all a bit overwhelming. That’s probably only because I am trying to prepare myself for his first day of Kindergarten.  Nonetheless, all their input was definitely taking into consideration and I am happy with the information shared with me.

This is what my mom friends had to say about what I should NOT buy my child for Kindergarten.

  1. Dariela from Mami Talks shares a great point. It’s best to wait to see what your school requires. While notebooks, crayons, and pencils all seem like something a kindergartner may need it’s best to wait and see what they will actually use.

  2. Helena from Pink Guayoyo and I have the same thoughts- No to electronics. I think at this age my son doesn’t need them at school. We already have them at home . I’d much rather have him painting, writing, coloring than moving around a mouse. She also shares thoughts on supplies. I hope I don’t get a list with half the items being for home.

  3. Xenia from Raised by Culture shares a good one on backpacks. Don’t waste money on an expensive backpack. I’m not a fan of the rolling ones anyways but just to think they could get damaged is sad.

  4. Great advice from my friend Ashley! My son has some open toe sandals. I probably would have sent him to school wearing them. I know sneakers are a must for the school year now.

  5. Liz from Thoughts of a Mommy told me NO designer clothes or dressy clothes at that. Kids will be kids. I am sure they will be quite messy from their art projects or even from playing outdoors. No need to ruin a good pair of clothes. I plan to send my son in comfortable clothes.

  6. My friend Francisca share a great one. Don’t over buy. Back to schools always get me to spend the most and my kids aren’t even in school yet. I can’t imagine this year had my friend not mentioned it. I would have had doubles if not triples of every supply.


There seems to be a trend, don’t you think? Don’t over buy and don’t go all out. I think I’ll just get essentials for our home and wait for list the teacher may send home. I think I’ll hold on getting a new backpack too. Right now we have our traveling backpack if that doesn’t do I’m OK with a folder being sent home with homework. I can’t imagine spending a lot of money on something that could potentially be lost or damaged.


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