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Do you ever think back to the time when you were without kids? I came across this article from Allison at the House of Hendrix, and it got me thinking about how fun my life was before kids, but it doesn’t compare to how absolutely, happily exhausted and fulfilled I am now.

Though I must be honest — there are days when I’m at my wits’ end and have three kids begging for my attention as they are all whining and screaming. Those are the days I want go to my room, close the door, and sob like a baby.



It’s okay — there will be days like this, yes, my momma said there will be days like this. That’s when you have to remind yourself:

“Some days I …wonder if my husband misses that innocent, fresh-faced girl he married. You know the one, the girl who had a locked gaze on her man, laughing at even his slightest of jokes,” shares Allison.

Oh girl, I know exactly what you mean. I remember the days where I greeted my husband with … well, we will just leave that up to your imagination. But I had time to be overly romantic as I sprinkled rose petals down the hall with candles. But guess what? It’s still there, it just looks different. I don’t have time or energy to greet him with … but I wake up early to make him a hot breakfast. I stay up late cleaning the house so that he has a comfortable and nice home to come to after work where he feels he can relax.

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Allison ends her reminiscing: “I’ve learned though, she(her childless self) was a stepping-stone … a training ground for what was to come. All of that time she took for herself, she was figuring out who she was. Those warm embraces she greeted her man with, they are still there . . . They greet the early risers of the morning and little faces after school. And when she falls into bed exhausted, it’s because she lives a full life, serves her family well, and is doing the best she can.”

So when you lay your head down tonight, go to bed knowing that your day was well spent and you live a full life.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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