Baseball Rules: Life Lessons My Father Taught Me

Now that I'm a woman I can appreciate more those simple lessons my father instilled on us.
Now that I’m a woman I can appreciate more those simple lessons my father instilled on us. Photo credit: Antonio García Valoy

Baseball is a big part of life in the Dominican Republic. Like the majority of people from the island, my father is a huge fan of the sport. As the second girl of five, and a tomboy, I liked to think I was the boy my dad never had, well, at least for a good two decades.

My father and I bonded over sports, especially baseball; I was the one watching the game at home with him, going to the stadium and even going to practice on Sundays since we belonged to a league where each played for a team. We had great times and our bond grew stronger.

Nowadays, when I talk to my father on the phone the subject of baseball is always present, for him is a way of understanding life that has always serve him. I remember how he would break an argument between any of us (my sisters and I), or make his point just about any lesson he wanted to teach us by explaining it with a simple baseball rule.

Even though I could not fully understand back then, or so I thought, those words stuck with me over the years and not only gave me a great love of baseball, even a career in sports journalism back in the Dominican Republic, but also helped me to value the simple comparison between the game and life itself.

As father’s day is coming up, I wanted to tell my dad his words did impacted me, and most importantly, taught me very significant life lessons that I’m sure I’ll pass to my children.

5 Baseball Rules…

  • Keep your eyes on the ball 1 of 6

    Many times in life we lose sight of our goals and priorities; in baseball you have to keep looking at the ball in order to catch it. Same thing applies to life; perseverance is one of those qualities that can take you where you want to get in life. Photo credit: CBCS

  • Running the bases 2 of 6
    Running the bases-2

    Once you hit the ball is fun to go run the bases, however, you cannot forget the rules. Yes, a runner must touch each base of won't score a run. Having patience and good judgment to go step by step, even when you hit it big, is equally important when it comes to achieving your goals. Photo credit: Beat0092 

  • Put your helmet on 3 of 6

     It doesn't matter how brave you are or how much fun you are having, is always good to be mindful and learn to protect yourself. I will never forget one of those balls hit me straight on the head, if I hadn't had my helmet it could have been disastrous. Learning you can enjoy life and have fun without being reckless is one of the great lessons I got from baseball. Photo credit: Tallesin

  • Fair-play code 4 of 6
    Fair Play

    In the game, as in life, you must learn to play by the rules, and respect your opponents. This rule goes a long way in teaching to be honest, to not cheat and also to respect others even when they are on the opposite side of an issue. Photo credit: Tallesin


  • Sportsmanship 5 of 6

    This is my favorite one for the obvious reasons. My dad taught us to love the game and play because we wanted to. Also to compete hard with all you've got, and accept defeat graciously. When you do things that way in life also, you can succeed and be confident you've done it the right way. Photo credit: Click

  • Happy Father’s Day! 6 of 6
    Papi Pelota

    This is a picture of my dad, Dante, playing baseball in the 1970s. I truly enjoy listening to his stories about all the great memories he has from the game. He still plays and believes in it. This is to honor you this weekend and always for the important lessons you taught me. ¡Feliz Día del Padre Papi! I love you!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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