Beach Safety Tips for Kids

beach safety tips for kidsThis summer I want my children to enjoy our time in the water whether it be the beach or just a day of swimming in a pool. We recently planned a day to the beach and during my preparations I spoke to the kids about our plans like I do with many of our events or travel plans.

I told the importance of being great listeners and staying close but I knew during our visit I’d have to emphasize many of our safety rules.

My father shared his concerns of me taking the kids alone to the beach. Handling two kids under the age of 5 can be a handful especially in a place where things can get out of hand really fast.  While he trust I make the best decisions for my children he still likes to share his caution.  He knows safety is priority to having fun. He asked if I could bring one of my brothers along. I agree the more hands to help the better the experience.

Here are some Beach Safety tips for the kids we’ve learned for our recent trip to the beach.


  • Protect your skin 1 of 8
    Beach Safety Tip- protect your skin

    We use sunscreen as our choice for protecting our skin from UV RAYS. We also have looked into getting swim wear with uv ray protection. Be sure to check how often sunscreen needs to be applied as well as how long it is water resistant if it is.  View our list of favorite 5 sunscreens for kids

  • Partner up 2 of 8
    Beach Safety Tip- partner up

    This is a safety rule from when I was younger. My parent made sure to have us partner up with a sibling, family member, or friend. This is a rule we use with many outings. The kids know to hold hands and stay together.  Choose a partner before even leaving to the beach it helps to know ahead of time.

  • Don’t pass the adult 3 of 8
    Beach Safety Tip - Don't Pass the Adults

    It was great to have my brother go to the beach with us. He was our safety point. The kids knew that they could only go as far as where he was. Having an adult but the safety point and letting the kids know that is the farthest they can go helps to prevent any unwanted situation of danger. I also took this time to remind them how fast the water can carry them off but staying in front of the adults gives us time to come to the rescue. 

  • Keep close to the adults 4 of 8
    Beach Safety Tip- Keep close to the adults

    Even if you are not in the water be sure to have an adult near by. This goes along with our last talk about stranger danger and paying attention to our surroundings. The beach can be very busy and getting lost can be easy. 

  • Non Swimmers 5 of 8
    Beach Safety Tips for non swimmers

    My kids have yet to learn to swim. While one knows how to float the other is just terrified to try. The rule for non swimmers in our family is to stay down in shallow or no water areas. This was easy because they both wanted to stay together. 

  • Spot the Lifeguard 6 of 8
    Beach Safety Tip: Spot the Lifeguard

    If your beach has a lifeguard on duty point out where they are. I showed the kids where the lifeguard tower and truck was on the beach in a case of an emergency that was the safe place to go. 

  • Piers and Rocks 7 of 8
    Beach Saftey Tips- Piers and Rocks

    The kids aren't allowed to be near the pier or rocks unless they are with us. Hand are to be held at all times. I learned how fast and curious the kids got when we walked up the pier and wanted to look over. Thankfully we were able to emphasize safety in that moment and from then on they held hands or were carried on our shoulders

  • Don’t pick up anything on the beach without permission 8 of 8
    Beach Safety Tip: Don't Touch

    The kids wanted to pick up shells and little critters which I'm ok with but when I started seeing our beach had additional litter I knew this had to be a new rule. The kids now have to ask to pick up something on the beach because not everything is safe. 


What are some of your Beach or Water Safety tips?

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