Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Folklorico Dancing! (Videos)

Growing up, I participated in a lot of school programs that had a lot to do with Folklorico dancing. In fact, this is one of my favorite memories from growing up. From elementary all the way through high school, I had my dance shoes and colorful dress to match! And for the cherry on top of my sundae, I even got to dance Folklorico with Mickey Mouse himself at Disneyland!

So what is Folklorico dancing? Folklorico is a dance form that is highly popular throughout Latin America. The costumes worn by the guys and gals are stunning and flowing with vibrant colors and hand-stitched embroidery. Each dance is different, and many of the different costumes vary from region to region. Those who know a lot about this art can easily tell the locations or origins of the dance by the style of costumes the dancers wear.

If you are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and want to expose your kids to fun Folklorico dances, check out some of these very popular dances from Jalisco, Michoacan, Vera Cruz, and so much more!

  • A Bailar!!! 1 of 11

    Strap on some dancing shoes and let's bailar! Take a look at 10 popular Folklorico dances from all over Mexico.

  • Jarabe Tapatio 2 of 11

    Better known as The Mexican Hat Dance, this dance is one of Mexico's most popular dances. With beautiful costumes for the women and men dressed up as Charros (cowboys), this is one dance that will never run out of style!

    Watch the video here!



    Photo Source Tanakawho/flickr

  • La Raspa 3 of 11

    This is one of the first dances I ever danced! I remember learning this in preschool, and it's a highly popular dance among children. La Raspa also hails from the region of Veracruz, Mexico.

    Watch it here


    Photo Source clffl1066/Flickr

  • Huapango Tamaulipeco 4 of 11

    This dance is called El Panadero (The Baker). This dance requires a lot of fancy footwork and hails from the regions of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

    Watch it here!


    Photo Source GOC53/Flickr

  • Danza de Matlachines del estado de Hidalgo 5 of 11

    This one requires the dancers to keep up a rhythmic dance all throughout the song, all while hanging onto ribbons from a maypole. This dance comes from the state of Hidlago, Mexico.

    Watch it here


    Photo Source GOC53/Flickr

  • El Son de la Negra 6 of 11

    Straight from the region of Jalisco, Mexico, El Son de la Negra (The Sound of the Black Woman) is a dance, that in my humble opinion, is one of Mexico's most popular dances. With the vibrant, colorful dresses worn by the ladies and the classic "Charro" look for the guys, this dapper dance is one that is made for the history books!

    Watch it here


    Photo Source clffl1066/Flickr

  • El Gavilancillo 7 of 11

    In this dance, men wear a Serape (wrap) throughout the whole dance, while the ladies wave their flowing gowns and stomp their feet. This dance comes from the Jalisco region of Mexico.

    Watch it here


    Photo Source clffl1066/Flickr

  • La Concordia 8 of 11

    Similar to square dancing, this dance from Chihuahua, Mexico requires a lot of footwork and is really fast paced. Here you can tell the significant difference in costumes compared to some of the costumes worn in the southern parts of Mexico. 

    Watch it here


    Photo Source ronnie44052/Flickr

  • Ballet Folklorico de Veracruz "Colas" 9 of 11

    The dance in this video is performed by kids who demonstrate precise agility and foot-stomping actions. Check out the beautiful white costumes! This dance comes from the Veracruz region of Mexico. 

    Watch it here


    Photo Source Brendan Lally

  • Jesusita en Chihuahua 10 of 11

    This is one of the dances that I was able to dance when I was in  high school! As you can tell, for the women the dresses are a lot shorter and the men are all over the place, stomping their feet.  This is one dance that will never leave my heart. Oooh, the memories!

    Watch it here


    Photo Source: gabrielsaldana/Flickr

  • A collection of dances! 11 of 11

    Finally, I leave you with a collection of dances in which you will get a firsthand look at the many dances and costumes that are worn all throughout Mexico. This is one part of my heritage that makes me a proud to me Mexican American. 

    ¡Qué viva México!

    Watch it here!


    Photo Source clffl1066/Flickr

Which dance was your favorite?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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