16 Crafts & Activities to Help You Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Beyond Sombreros and Donkeys

we are that familiaOnce a upon a time, I walked into my son’s class as they were singing and the teacher leading them begins by saying, “Just like Mexicans do, we are going to put on our sombreros and ride our donkeys.”  I seriously thought, “Oh no, she didn’t just say that,” but then I almost laughed out loud.  I have been a Mexican for well over 30 years (ha, I am not going to share my age with you) and I have never owned a sombrero and much less ridden a donkey.
Let me clarify first by saying I don’t think there is anything wrong with fun sombrero and donkey activities. Really I don’t.

cinco dey mayo As my multicultural blogger friend and song writer Daria shared so beautifully, ” Perhaps it’s more about not stopping at burros and sombreros but sharing a deeper, fuller understanding of culture and cultural pride. Not seeing Mexicans (or any group) as one- dimensional stereotypes, but daring to dig deeper and see more of what makes us all who we are!”

Just a little fun facts before I share with you our fun activities:

– Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence day.
– On this day we celebrate the victory of the historical battle of 1862 between Mexico and France.
– This holiday is a symbol of Mexican pride and unity and includes great festivities, not to mention delicious food!

– It is celebrated in regional parts of Mexico, but has also found a special place in the hearts of our friends in the United States.

Cinco de mayo activities

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, I am hoping that these activities will inspire you to go past busting out the donkey and sombrero activities this year. Below I am sharing with you a few ideas that have helped me and hopefully help school teachers and parents think outside the box when coming up with Cinco de Mayo activities.

  • Fun Crafts and Activities for Cinco de Mayo 1 of 16
    Fun Crafts and Activities for Cinco de Mayo
    All the activities shared have historical details in the post providing a wonderful educational opportunity.
  • Mexican Wall Art Craft for Kids 2 of 16
    Mexican Wall Art Craft for Kids
    Kids can experience the repajado method using simple items around your house.
    Mexican Wall Art
  • Make your own Mexican Pyramid 3 of 16
    Make your own Mexican Pyramid
    Using Moon Sand you can make your own Mexican pyramids imitating the Mayans.
    Make Your Own Mayan Pyramids
  • Mexican games your kids will enjoy! 4 of 16
    Mexican games your kids will enjoy!
    A little cultural fun with some games for the kids.
    Mexican Traditional Games
  • Rice and Bean Pretend Play 5 of 16
    Rice and Bean Pretend Play
    Sensory bin ideas and pretend play fun.
    Rice and Bean Sensory Play
  • Forget the maracas bring out the Guiro 6 of 16
    Forget the maracas bring out the Guiro
    Make this easy instrument used in Latin America.
    Make Your Own Guiro
  • Mexican book fun! 7 of 16
    Mexican book fun!
    Learn some culture as you enjoy this story.
    Mexican Book Fun
  • Mexican Flag Art 8 of 16
    Mexican Flag Art
    Have you heard of toilet paper roll printing? Your child will love it!
    Mexican Flag Fun for Toddlers
  • A list of Bilingual Books 9 of 16
    A list of Bilingual Books
    Books are a great way to teach un poquito of Spanish and culture.
    Bilingual Book List
  • Mini Piñata 10 of 16
    Mini Piñata
    Mini Piñata from plastic cups. Find out how to make your own.
    DIY Mini Piñata
  • God’s Eye Craft 11 of 16
    God's Eye Craft
    This is an oldy but goody craft your kids will enjoy.
    Ojo de Dios Craft
  • DIY Mexican Style Jewelry 12 of 16
    DIY Mexican Style Jewelry
    Now you can make your own cuff bracelet with a little Mexican flair!
    Mexican Inspired Jewelry
  • Mexican Flag Craft 13 of 16
    Mexican Flag Craft
    Explore Mexico's flag with this easy craft.
    Straw Mexican Flag Craft
  • DIY Mexican Folk Art Dishes Using Permanent Markers 14 of 16
    DIY Mexican Folk Art Dishes Using Permanent Markers
    Yup, all you need is 2 items to create your very own Mexican folk art dishes!
    DIY Mexican Folk Art Bowls
  • Mexican Artist Diego Rivera 15 of 16
    Mexican Artist Diego Rivera
    Enjoy discovering mural painting while learning about the great Mexican artist.
    Painting Like Diego
  • Papel Picado Craft 16 of 16
    Papel Picado Craft
    Papel picado template and craft.
    Papel Picado Craft

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