Choose What Matters

choose what matters

The “One Word” I chose to represent this year is “deeper.” I chose this word because I want to dive deeper into all the beautiful blessings that I am surrounded by on a daily basis.

I want to learn to not only skim past the big and small moments, but also to live each experience to the fullest whenever possible. Each precious moment is like a bubble waiting to give birth and fly.  But many times, I just let it pass me by. My hope is to stop and reflect, to bask in the little moments, and the big smiles of my loved ones.

This is quite the challenge for this task-oriented mama, but I’m ready to live my life. Are you?

Take a moment and write down the things that are keeping you from going deeper. What are your daily distractions? What are the things that are robbing you of joy on a regular basis? Write them down and start by removing one each day. For me, it’s getting on the computer early in the morning. The moment my computer comes alive, my whole disposition changes. Once I start checking emails, remembering deadlines, and getting lured by all the eye candy on my social media outlets, everything else fades away. So my goal this week is not to turn my computer on until I’ve had a quiet time and had breakfast with my kids.

This week I challenge you to choose what matters by removing or changing around one of your distractions. And most importantly, remember to play. If you need help in this area we have The Parent Challenge: 30 Days of Play going on over at my website.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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