Christmas Gift Ideas Kids Can Make

I dropped the ball with my 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas Kids Can Make. We have so much going on that this is how I feel at the end of my day. I usually start off ready to welcome Christmas cheer, but by night, I’m ready to be done. So I’m going to make it up to you and give it to you all at once.

overwhelmed xmas

Many of you can totally relate with this photo. So I know you understand how hard it is to blog around the Christmas holiday.

One of the lovely things I enjoy doing during Christmas is encouraging my kids’ desire and drive to give to others, even at their wee ages. Here are some fun and cute ideas your kiddos can make for their siblings and other family members. Have you seen the excitement and joy on their faces when they give you a scribbled sheet of paper that they made for you? Well, let’s nurture this desire and help our little ones make some simple crafts to give to others.

Enjoy perusing these fabulous gifts — note that the degree of difficulty varies with the age of the child. One of the things I do with my younger ones is have them help me with easier steps for the craft instead of giving them the whole task of making it themselves.

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  • Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make 1 of 11

    Here's my 5-year-old making his homemade gift for his daddy. He was ecstatic to have him open it. 


    This is a wonderful tradition that I want to continue in our family, and this was a great place to start simplifying our Christmas spending and helping our kids enjoy the act of giving. 

  • Recycled Bottle Caps Necklace 2 of 11

    I love that this fun necklace is made from recycled items. You can find the tutorial at Maker Mama!

  • Gift Tag Set 3 of 11

    This gift idea will work with children of all ages. Since you're just using a stamper, your little one can just stamp and go the next, or they can decorate it themselves. Make a set of 12 and gift them to friends, neighbors, or family. Get the details here at Sew Delicious

  • DIY Infinity Scarf 4 of 11

    Do you have a budding little seamstress? This infinity scarf is a wonderful gift to give to friends and family! Infinity scarves are usually just a straight stitch, which makes them great for your beginner. It's even easier to use a fabric that doesn't need a lot of sewing, like fleece. Get the details at Imagine Gnats.

  • Homemade Dog Treats 5 of 11

    My son just asked me the other day what we were getting the dog. I can barely manage getting gifts for our family, so the dog had not even come to mind. We are totally making these for our Milly. Get the details at Things For Boys.

  • DIY Artwork 6 of 11

    Oh my gosh, I love this! You won't believe  how incredibly easy this is to make — even your 4-year-old can put this together. Get the details over at Craft Storming

  • Coffee Can Organizer 7 of 11

    Another fabulous craft for those little hands. Get the details at Made with Moxie. My son made something like this last year for his dad. His was made from a muffin tin; get the details over at Inspired by Familia

  • Fabric Felt Mats 8 of 11

    I'm making these for my little toddler! Get the details for this Fabric Felt Mats at Buzzmills blog. 

  • Salt Dough Tags 9 of 11

    These can serve many purposes: tags, ornaments, or decor. Get the details at Twodaloo

  • DIY Cape Tutorial 10 of 11

    This involves very little sewing, but I think you can totally make this cape without having to sew anything. You can learn how to make this over at The Southern Institute

  • DIY Homemade Snowglobes 11 of 11

    We still have ours from years ago, and it was a wonderful gift to give to my little one. Get the details here

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