Clean Out Your Closet: 6 Websites to Sell Your Used Clothes

How many times have you planned to clean out your closet? I think I promise to do it at least once a week. I tell myself that I’ll have a yard sale and make a little cash. I used to think it was so much work. Now, I know it doesn’t have to be.

Selling your used clothing online is easier than ever. There are quite a few web sites out there that will help you sell your old treasures.

Each site is different, only accepting certain brands, offering different commission percentages, and some do all the work for you. Make sure you read their selling guidelines carefully. Here are 6 web sites you can use to sell your used clothes:

1. Material World

Trade in your designer clothing for gift cards at MaterialWrld.com. All you do is simply select which items you wish to send in using their pricing estimator. You’ll receive an instant quote, fill out the form to request their free trade-in bag, and send in your items. If you accept their offer, you will receive an electronic gift card. They’re very selective, so make sure you check out their guidelines.

2. Poshmark

On Poshmark.com you can sell, shop, and even throw online shopping parties with your friends. Whether you do it via your computer or through their app, upload the items you wish to sell. Once your item sells they will send you a pre-paid pre-addressed shipping label. Just print it out, package up the item and ship. They will deduct a 20% commission fee from your earnings, leaving you with 80% of the sale price.

3. ReFashioner

Feel free to shop, swap or sell on ReFashioner.com. Designed as more of a community, you can create your own customized closet. You then photograph and upload the items you wish to sell. They will either accept or reject your stuff. When it’s accepted, they will email you with a suggested price. When you sell something, leave your proceeds in your account (instead of cashing out), and the amount is applied to anything you want to buy on the site — a.k.a  it’s simply swapping.

4. The Real Real

TheRealReal.com is an online luxury resale store, selling authenticated, pre-owned designer fashion like Chanel and Hermès. Sign up, tell them how many items you’re sending, and they will send you a shipping label. Once they receive your goods they will be authenticated, photographed, and priced. You receive 70% of the cost of the item once it sells. If you have more than 10 items to sell, you could qualify for their White Glove Service — they send a Merchandise Manager to your home to pick up the items.

5. thredUP

thredUP.com makes selling your clothes easy. All you do is order their Clean Out Bag and fill it with your “like-new” quality clothing (maternity and plus sizes also accepted). Use their Clean Out Calculator to help estimate your payout amount in advance. The bag comes with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label to ship back to them for free. Their fashion resale professionals review your clothing and they pay 40% of the resale value (premium items payout more). You can earn thredUP credit, cash out with PayPal, or donate your proceeds. Items that they don’t accept are sent to charitable partners or textile recycling companies. These items can be mailed back to you instead, for a fee of course.

6. Tradesy

In 60 seconds, list your items for sale on Tradesy.com. They accept any brands, as long as it’s in good condition. Take a few photos of your items (plus, petite, and maternity sizes also accepted) and they will clean the background of the photo for you. Feel free to pick your own price or they will suggest one for you. When your item sells they will send you a free prepaid shipping kit, complete with packaging. Tradesy only takes a 9% commission and you get paid via PayPal. Unlike others, they take returns.

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