Cooking With Dad

For as long as I can remember my Mexican culture is known for having gender roles due to machismo and old folk tales. While this wasn’t the case for my family, I remember it being like this when we visited family in Mexico. All the women gathered to cook for their families and tend to the kids while the men were off doing something that required labor. My dad was different. He really did it all. I especially love cooking with dad.

Cooking with Dad

I remember learning to cook my first egg from my dad. Both my parents were hands on but it wasn’t until my mom went back to school and work that I really noticed how hands on dads can be too.

When my dad taught me to cook he would show off by flipping our meals in the air. Of course I was amazed every time!  This is when I learned that he was a cook at one point in his life too. With no experience he was hired to work in a restaurant kitchen as he moved his way up to be a cook.

Currently I am visiting my parents without my husband. Every Sunday morning it is a ritual for my husband to cook us breakfast. It is the highlight of my kid’s weekend! They know daddy cooks waffles and bacon! Sometimes they’d even ask “can we cook with dad?”

Cooking with Dad

Since daddy isn’t with us I had to try and still make Sunday morning special.

I got up early headed to the market to buy everything for breakfast. As I was prepping my dad came over and started cooking with me.

I felt like I was 10 again! It was the best feeling ever. There aren’t  many things my dad and I still do together. I am his only daughter and I live 3,000 miles away. It’s moments like these that I treasure. Our Sunday morning ended up being very special the kids got a taste of what daddy normally cooks for them and I got to spend my time cooking with my dad. I hope my kids look back and remember all the amazing meals they’ve helped cook with their daddy too!

Who taught you how to cook? What are some of the best memories you had cooking?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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