Disney Sweet Treats

Disney Sweet Treats

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It’s a dream to visit a place like Disney! I love to visit every time I’m in California. If you know me well you know that I love Disney and all things sweet. So imagine when I visited earlier this month and indulged in all kinds of Disney Sweet Treats.

Thanks to the Disney and Babble, I had the opportunity to visit Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. I had such a great time with fellow bloggers and friends. Although I didn’t bring the kids with me, because it was a business type visit, I had a great time. I learned about the new attractions at the parks and visited a few shops too.

I especially enjoyed the sweet treat shops. The variety of Disney inspired treats with attention to detail really caught my eye.

Here are some of my favorite Disney Sweet Treats.


  • Mickey chocolate dipped sugar cookies 1 of 12
    Mickey sugar cookie

    How cute are these? I was tempted to buy for one of my friends baby showers. They are not just cute to snack on but would be so cute for a thank you at a baby party.

  • Mickey Ear brownies 2 of 12
    Mickey ear brownies

    Yum! They had assorted flavors of these brownies including mint and raspberry!

  • Mickey and Minnie caramel apples 3 of 12
    mickey minnie caramel apples

    These were one of my favorites. Look at the simplicity in the details that make this treat come together love it!

  • Mickey and Minnie marshmallow wands 4 of 12
    mickey minnie marshmallow wands

    I brought 5 of these home to share with family. My kids loved the wands they were not only chocolate dipped but they had a layer of delicious caramel.

  • Mickey candy chocolate rice crispy treats 5 of 12
    mickey rice crispy treats

    The assortment of toppings that these mickey shape treats had were amazing. From chocolate covered hard shell chocolates to sprinkles and drizzles of more chocolate.

  • Mickey shaped chocolate dipped marshmallows 6 of 12
    Mickey shaped chocolate dipped marshmallows

    These look just like the well-known mickey ice creams but to my surprise these chocolate covered treats are marshmallow! They remind me of a Mexican clown marshmallow lollipop only more magical because its Mickey shaped!

  • Chocolate dipped mickey pretzel 7 of 12
    chocolate dipped pretzel

    My favorite salty and sweet treat. I purchased 7 of these pretzels. The combination of the milk chocolate and the salty pretzel really was delicious. I look forward to eating these again.

  • Carnation cafe house-made treats 8 of 12
    Carnation café house-made treats

    We visited on the day they had lemon chiffon pie, double chocolate cake, and coconut cake with mango sauce. My friend and I shared the coconut cake and it was nothing like we ever tasted. The coconut flavors and moist cake really gave us what we paid for. The sauce added a great flavor as well. Definitely a mouth watering treat!

  • Jack candied apple 9 of 12
    Jack candied apple

     If you are a fan of the "Nightmare Before Christmas" this one is for you! I loved these because it really reminded me of the memories of when I celebrated Halloween and Christmas at Disney. This is a total Haunted Mansion Sweet Treat!

  • World of Color caramel apple 10 of 12
    world of color caramel apple

    These were too cool while they represented the world of color they reminded me of all our proud LGBT Community.

  • Disney character inspire caramel apples 11 of 12
    Disney character inspired caramel apples

    Of course they had to have Disney character inspired treats. I spotted "Cars"  and "Alice in Wonderland" caramel apples. I love that there is a little something for everyone!

  • Mickey cupcake in a cone 12 of 12
    mickey cupcake in a cone

    These were one of my last finds at California adventure! I mean come on how much better can things get a cupcake mickey cone! Pure awesome. I love that the size isn't Which was your favorite sweet treat? Do you have a favorite Disney Treat?huge it's just perfect for little hands!

Which was your favorite sweet treat? Do you have a favorite Disney Treat?

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