DIY Day of the Dead Cupcakes

Celebrating Day of the Dead has become one of to the most important holidays in my family. Day of the Dead is the celebration of life of those that have passed. It is believed that their souls come back to visit the living during this day. We create altars filled with their favorite foods and special memories to honor them. We’ve modernized Day of the Dead for the kids in my family by reading interactive books, face painting for fun and even making themed sugar skull Day of the Dead desserts.

The kids know this is the time we talk about all those we love that have passed. My son has been the most curious this year asking about my husband’s deceased relatives. Since our family is bicultural, we celebrate death a little different. My husband understand the importance of remembering those who have passed on. He contributes by sharing stories of his grandmother, great grandmother and uncle when our kids ask. Our daughter knows that my grandparents are all deceased too. She points to pictures of my grandparents and says “is that your nana and your tata?” I know that Day of the Dead has allowed me to keep their memory alive as well as teach my kids about the important people in my family who are no longer with us.

This year we made cupcakes for the family. The kids not only helped bake, but were totally hands on in decorating. Just like face painting, our cupcakes have traditional décor that a sugar skull would. Our cupcakes are filled with colorful dots and flowers as well as a straight skeleton mouth.

To create your own Day of the Dead cupcakes follow the tutorial below.

  • Day of the Dead Cupcake 1 of 10

    Follow the easy steps to create these pretty Day of the Dead sugar skull cupcakes

  • Cupcake decorating must haves 2 of 10

    You will need:

    Cupcakes in your favorite flavor

    colored decorating icing or gels

    white frosting

  • Basic sugar skull face 3 of 10

    Frost your cupcakes with white frosting. Add a simple face- two dots make the eyes and 5 small lines for the mouth.

  • Easy flower eyes for sugar skull 4 of 10

    Add a nost by creating a short upside down Y. Using a toothpick or knife smear the 5 lines your created for the mouth.


    Using another color add four dots on each eye- two at the top two at the bottom leaving space between.

  • Day of the dead face is simple 5 of 10

    Using another color add four more dots this time filling the space between each of the previous dots. This creates a flower like eye. 

  • Simple dots for decor 6 of 10

    Add dots all around  creating  patterns or swirls. These simple dots can create various shapes just like on sugar skulls. They are not only easy to add on but look so pretty. 

  • Day of the Dead cupcakes 7 of 10

    Finish your cupcake with a fancy looking doily or cupcake holder. All done! 

  • Fun day of the dead activity for the family 8 of 10

    Now have fun with the whole family decorating the rest of your day of the dead cupcakes. 

  • Kids love their day of the dead cupcakes 9 of 10

    My kids totally enjoyed making Day of the Dead cupcakes this year.

  • Get creative with Day of the dead cupcakes 10 of 10

    Remember to get creative with your designs. Each sugar skull face should be different.

    Happy Day of the Dead! 


How do you celebrate Day of the dead?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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