DIY Talavera Potato Stamping Tea Towel

For as long as I can remember, my family’s home decor trends were traditional Mexican art or pottery. Every home had at least one thing with a talavera pattern. It was everywhere! It was on dishes, on vases, and even on tiles! What drew my attention to talavera patterns was the white background with beautiful blues that created whimsical designs. Whenever I see talavera patterns, the design on an object makes me feel at home. I decided it was time to bring some talavera patterns into my own home.

Talavera pattern has become one of the most recognized Mexican patterns to date. It’s best known from Puebla, Mexico, where talavera pottery is still being handmade. Many modern talavera designs have included an assortment of earth tones to their designs, like yellows, greens, and browns.

Talavera patterns can now also be found in clothing and jewelry trends. While I’d love to take a piece of my culture with me everywhere, it’s in my home where I see it fitting best. To add a little cultural style to my home, I created my own talavera patterned tea towels by potato stamping!

Learn how to make these easy DIY potato stamp tea towels to add a little Mexican style to your home!


  • DIY Talavera Tea Towel 1 of 10

    To make these easy talavera tea towels, follow the DIY instructions by scrolling through the photos. 

  • Potato stamping supplies 2 of 10

    Supplies include:

    2-3 Potatoes, Acrylic Paint in any hue of blue, Carving tools: craft knife and anything with a point, Brown paper bag, Paint brush, and a tea towel.

  • Cut your potatoes 3 of 10

    Cut your potatoes! The longer cuts are great for longer designs, curvy designs, and borders.

    Cutting in fourths is great for smaller shapes.

  • Carving a potato stamp 4 of 10

    Start with a tool with a point to sketch your desired design. I started with a common curve shape design. Once you get your desired shape, start digging deeper and removing potato from around the shape. Leave at least half an inch of the shape for stamping. 

  • Potato stamp designs 5 of 10

    Carve at least 5 shapes to make your talavera design. Once all your stamps are carved, cover your working area with a brown paper bag to protect it.  

  • Paint medium mixture 6 of 10

    Mix your fabric medium and acrylic paint together using a paintbrush. Start with a quarter size of paint and 4 drops of medium. You want your paint to be thin, but not runny.  

  • Start stamping talavera design 7 of 10

    With a brush, paint your stamp with a thin layer to start stamping.

    Test your stamp on the paper bag first. 

    Add some more paint and try stamping on your tea towel. 

  • Talavera pattern 8 of 10

    Use your stamps to create a talavera design. Talavera designs are curvy and connected in a whimsical way to other shapes. I used a basic design. Every long curvy stamp was decorated with my tear drop stamp. 

  • Talavera detailed pattern 9 of 10

    Get fancy with a detailed talavera design. Use a border and keep your design at the low end of your towel. 

  • Talavera home decor 10 of 10

    Once dried, decorate your home with your newly stamped talavera tea towels. 


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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