Don’t Forget To Color Outside the Lines

we are that familiaMy kids are constantly teaching me about life.

I ponder life; they live it.

While I sit and write down my list of things to do for the day, they’ve already colored,  played in the sand and twirled until they got dizzy and fell.

color outside the lines quote

As my two year old and I were coloring together this morning, it hit me as I observed his chubby little fingers grasp the crayons.  With every stroke and dash he was telling me, “Mom, don’t forget to color outside the lines.”

If you have followed along our Virtual Summer Camp you know that our motto has been “Make Simple Memories.”  Enjoy the simple things in life, but even with this in the forefront of my day I still forget to color outside the lines.  My day is full of things to do and I don’t have time to color outside the lines. Can you relate?

Our role as mothers has already been drawn for us in so many ways.  Our part in the script has already been written by society, by our social circle, by teachers, by the media, by our church, by our beliefs, by professionals . . . and some of this is good, but we must be careful when we forget to color outside the lines.

Whether you’re the make everything from scratch mom, never have a schedule and live life carefree mom, must have a spotless house mom, dirt-free kids mom, quiet and well-behaved children at church mom, raise the most athletic kids mom, always have a casserole for the sick friend mom, stay in perfect shape at all cost mom, I must work outside my home mom, my kids always make the honor roll mom, or the strict mom, we must remember to love our kids and not to be afraid to live life, even if  your “mom role” has already been drawn for you.

I MUST remember this each day:

Don’t live in a consistent extreme.

Giggle and be silly.

Do something brave.

my smiles quote

So many of my smiles begin with…. (you can get your free printable here)

Don’t be afraid to open doors of opportunity when they are closed.

Create paths where there is none to be found.

Stop and hug those I love.

Skip (even if it’s in my mind.)

Dream big.

Let go of my To Do List, even if it’s for a couple of minutes or hours.

Enjoy them before they are too cool to hang out with me.

Creative play for kids

Create magical moments with my kids (magical is code for “simple”) and cherish them.

Be thankful to God for all that I have been blessed with.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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