Easy Makeup Tutorial for Day of the Dead via PicMonkey

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is an important holiday that is celebrated all over Latin America. In recent years, I’ve noticed that this holiday is starting to gain more fame, which is good! PicMonkey, an online photo editing tool, has made painting a Día de los Muertos face on any image as easy as 1, 2, 3.

From altars and real make up sessions to bread to eat and books to read, we have several resources here at Babble to help you and your familia celebrate loved ones who are no longer with us. Take a look at my step-by-step tutorial to make a Day of the Dead Skull of yourself!

  • Fun Tutorial for Day of the Dead 1 of 9
    pickMokey tutorial for day of the dead

    Ready for Día de los Muertos? Check out this fun tutorial for this special, non-scary holiday!

  • Step 1- Selfies! 2 of 9
    dia de los muertos picmonkey1

    You'll need a clear picture of your face. You don't need to have makeup on, since you'll be covering your whole face with the white "bone" color. You can also be serious (like me!), or have a little or full smile. Whatever you like will be beautiful.

  • Step 2- Color 3 of 9
    dia de los muertos picmonkey2

    This is the easiest part in the whole tutorial. You'll get to color your whole face white (except your eyes!). If the first coat is still a little too light, you can save your changes and keep applying the white "bone" color until you achieve the color you desire for your face.

  • Step 3- Eyes 4 of 9
    dia de los muertos picmonkey3

    If you have the basic version of PicMonkey, you still have a variety of options to choose from. Some of the eye sockets are ready for you to use, while others are a little more complicated. Make sure both eyes are a correct match!

  • Step 4- Color It In 5 of 9
    dia de los muertos picmonkey4

    Remember, you can always select a different color for the sockets, but not the bone color. Once you decide the color you want, carefully color in the white within the eye socket. It doesn't have to be black! Use PicMonkey's zoom feature that is located on the bottom right-side of your picture.

  • Step 5- The Nose 6 of 9
    dia de los muertos picmonkey5

    Select a nose that you like! You can re-size the nose and flip it around to make sure it matches your nose correctly.

  • Step 6- Have Fun! 7 of 9
    dia de los muertos picmonkey7

    Under the embellishments tab, you can add all sorts of colorful details that will complete your Día de los Muertos look. Also, there are little self-help images that appear right next to the tabs that will help guide you as you make your way around the steps.

  • Ta-Da! 8 of 9
    dia de los muertos picmonkey final

    This is a very basic Día de los Muertos skull. Actually, this was my first time doing this with PicMonkey. I can only imagine doing this in real life. I had fun doing this. I hope you do, too!

  • If You Have the Time… 9 of 9
    dia de los muertos picmonkey final22

    See? There's no limit when it comes to imagination, art, and a whole lot of time. It took me a while to finally like what I came up with. In this picture, I'm smiling a little and my hair is done.


    The possibilities are endless!


    Feliz Día de los Muertos.

Photo Source: PicMonkey

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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