Food for Thought Fridays: 10 Things Parents of Boys Say

food for thought fridays Today I want to share, “In the Words of Parents of Boys.”

Boys love their mamas. And I am so lucky to have 3 little boys who absolutely adore me. They are still in the picking flowers for me stage and it’s precious.  If you see me walking down the street looking like a walking flower pot, with dandelions coming out of the side of my head, it’s because my son insisted that they be tucked behind my ear. All 10 of them.

Sometimes when I stop and listen to what I am actually saying I have to laugh.

boys will be boys

Seriously, did I just yell down the driveway, “Could you please stop watering the flowers with your pee?” Ahem, especially since you’re bringing them in bunches to me to wear.

In the Words of Parents of Boys

1. Stop licking your toes. Stop licking your brother.

2. Please stop yelling “boobies” the whole time you walk through the lingerie section with me.

3. Yes, you can rescue me from the bad guys.

4. No, you can’t fly like superman. Close that window now.

5. Yes, son if you wear those shoes you will run as fast as Iron Man.

6. Wow, you are super strong. (10 times in a row after every show and tell moment he’s shared in the past 5 minutes)

7. Please stop putting your fingers up my nose.

8. No, you can’t bring that 6 foot long branch into our house, I don’t care that it’s your super power sword.

9. No, I don’t want to hold your boogers.

10. I refuse to listen to and referee who farts the loudest.

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