10 Fun & Easy Halloween Foods You Haven’t Seen Before

Do you remember your first haunted house? Or the first time you went trick-or-treating? Or your first scary movie? I clearly remember my elementary school hosting a Harvest Festival event when I was in first grade, and one of the activities was a haunted house. My older brother was brave and got in line. And, of course, I followed him to the line. The closer we got to the entrance, however, the more terrified I became. I overheard someone who had already gone in talking, and I quickly got out of the line!

To this day, I am not much for scary or spooky types of activities. But I do enjoy a little fun on Halloween. A great way to do this is through silly, spooky food. Since I have little ones, we like to keep it simple and not too graphic.

Here are some fun and easy kid-friendly Halloween party food ideas that you can whip up for your next Halloween gathering.

  • Fun Halloween Food 1 of 11
    fun halloween food

    These recipes are sure to get you lots of compliments from family and guests. The lovely thing about these recipes is they are really easy to whip up. 

  • Frankenstein Pudding 2 of 11

    Now, aren't these the most adorable Frankensteins you've ever seen?  

    via Come Together Kids

  • Mummy Lunch 3 of 11
    mummy lunch

    Need a fun quick lunch idea for the kids? Stop by Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons for the details.

  • Spider Web Snacks 4 of 11
    spider web snacks

    Simple and cute!

    via Mom Endeavors

  • Rotted Teeth 5 of 11

    This is a yummy and semi-healthy snack.

    via Inspired by Familia

  • Carrot Fingers 6 of 11
    carrot fingers

    Share a healthy Halloween treat with this creative dish.

    via Babble

  • Oreo Spiders 7 of 11
    oreo spiders

    You can whip these up in no time. Stop by The Outlaw Mom for the details.

  • Witch In a Jar Cupcakes 8 of 11

    Ding dong the witch is dead!

    via Inspired by Familia

  • Pumpkin Cheese Ball 9 of 11
    Cheese Ball recipe

    You can't have a party without a cheese ball. You can't have a Halloween party without a pumpkin-shaped cheese ball.

    via Inspired by Familia

  • Frankenstein Marshmallows 10 of 11
    frankenstein pops

    Wow, I'm constantly amazed by how creative people are. I want to be just like them when I grow up.

    via Just a Taste

  • Veggie Skeleton Plate 11 of 11
    veggie skeleton plate

    Nothing like some fresh veggies to balance your sugar-filled Halloween day.

    via My Journey to Health

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