My Best Organization Hack for Getting Organized in the New Year

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Two-thousand-fourteen — I like the sound of that. I was never really keen on 2013. With the new year upon us, I, for one, have some resolutions in mind. But the one I’m focused on right now is my attempt at getting organized.

It seems we’ve been in constant motion in 2013, and it’s made for a lot of confusion and searching for lost things. I’ve been concentrating on getting organized so when that ball drops at midnight on the 31st, I can say, “I’m organized and ready!”

As I’ve been searching for places for all our stuff to live, I’ve realized, while it’s good to have everything in its place, now I am going to need to remember where I put it all.

Enter modern technology!

Taking pictures of the contents of boxes is nothing new, but for me, what’s new is using my smartphone and the speed and convenience of mobile printing to get it done quickly. I just snap a picture with my smartphone and send it to the printer. Then all I need to do is grab it off the printer and attach it to the box. Done.

And that’s just one way it’s been helping me. Here are ways you can save time and keep things straight with mobile technology.

  • Bankers Boxes 1 of 7
    Banker box organization by

    Here I just snapped a photo of the contents of the box and sent it to the printer. Then I just glued the photo to the front of the box. Very useful when there are stacks of boxes in storage. As I was gluing pictures to my banker's boxes, I realized there were other ways I could take advantage of mobile printing technology.

  • Toy Bins 2 of 7
    Organizing toys by

    I could snap photos of the contents of my kids' toy bins for quick reference. Even the ones you can see into, like this green bin, benefit from having a picture attached. The photo reminds us all what's supposed to go back in the bin at the end of the day.

  • Deep Trunk 3 of 7
    trunk organizing by

    I could take a photo of the bottom layer of my bamboo trunk, so I wouldn't have to unload the top every time I needed to be reminded of what was underneath.

  • Luggage 4 of 7
    Suitcases by

    I could take a snap of the contents of my luggage when traveling, in case my bags are lost. It can be very difficult to remember everything that's missing, at least until you need it.

  • Holiday Decorations 5 of 7
    Christmas wreath by

    I could take a snap of my holiday decorations for the top of the storage bins. That way, when we are decorating next year, I'll know exactly which boxes go to which area of the house. Nice wreath, don't you think?

  • Cabinets 6 of 7
    Cabinet Organization by

    I'm a little on the short side. So, I could even get up on a ladder to snap a photo of the contents hidden in the depths of the cabinets above my refrigerator. Great right? All I would have to do then is reference the picture inside the cabinet door to be reminded of what's in there.

  • Safe Deposit Box 7 of 7
    passports by

    I could even snap a shot of the contents of my safe deposit box while at the bank. That way I can just grab the photo off the printer when I get back home and include it with my important papers. The possibilities are endless, and I don't even have to worry about the ink, because my printer is so smart it orders ink and can have it delivered to my front door at huge savings in time, trouble, and money.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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