¿Habla Español? How to Have a Spanish-language Immersion Day at Home

The kids are home from school and to be honest, I have zero plans for the kids. There are some activities planned, but the lazy days of summer are here and I am in full panic mode!

My kids know very little español. I know, I’m ashamed.  They hardly know Tagalog, too.  Yup, my husband is Filipino.  I’ve dealt with severe guilt issues when it came to my kids not being bilingual (or trilingual, in my case). I’ve tried everything under the moon to stick with a routine so they can learn and the results are pitiful.

There is one activity that I did last year with the kids, that I want to share with you now. We did a full Spanish-immersion day during the summer.  Yes, just ‘one’ day.

The kids had a great time. I only spoke to them in Spanish. They tried their best to respond to me in Spanish. I had sticky notes all over the house with names of the object written in Spanish.  I cooked Mexican food and my heart was content.

Check out this video of my daughter saying words in Spanish:

I was surprised at how much the kids knew! Sure, they understood more than they spoke, but I was satisfied with how the day went.  Of course, once daddy came home, the Spanish went away, but it’s a day they remember as fun and challenging. They even called themselves Mexican on that day. Ha!

Making my kids speak Spanish for a long time doesn’t work, but one full-immersion day worked perfectly well.  It’s easy and totally doable for any family. Take a look at how to create a day of fun, speaking only in Español.

  • Habla Spanish? 1 of 7
    How to Have a Spanish-language Immersion Day at Home

    Want to raise a bilingual child but don't know where to start?  Take it one day at a time!  Learn how to have a one-day Spanish immersion day at home!

  • Mexican Bento 2 of 7

    Food is one of the easiest ways to teach simple words in Spanish.  If your kids know the words tacos, burritos and quesadillas, then you are heading the right direction.

    Learn how at Disney

  • Flashcards for Learning Spanish 3 of 7

    Start off with simple words.  Make the day fun and educational. If kids get stuck with how to say a word, they help them out.  The key is to be consistent.  Together, you can make this whole day an experience to remember!

    Learn how at Spoonful

  • Visual Aids! 4 of 7
    Pinata craft

    There's nothing wrong with a little help when doing a full-immersion day at home.  Crafts can take the stress out of trying to learn a new language. Make some piñatas or maracas to keep the activities within the Latin culture!

    Learn more from Mari

  • 15 Spanish Phrases for Kids 5 of 7

    Starting off simple is great when you want to teach little ones a different language.  Ruby did a wonderful job in capturing keyword in Español.

    Learn how at 15 Spanish phrases for Kids

  • Vamos a Comer 6 of 7

    Making a special dinner to complete your day of language immersion, will make the day special with some rico culinary dishes. These Mexican recipes will have your familia asking for más!  Just like this Flan made by Ericka!

    Learn how from Mari

  • 10 Tips to Successfully Raise a Bilingual Child 7 of 7
    late august12 010

    Ready to take the second language to a whole new level?  There are many benefits of raising a bilingual child. If you feel you and your kids are ready to make Spanish a part of your home, research as much as you can and felicidades on taking the next step towards bilingualism!

    Get more tips from Ana


Oh, and guess what? My son is preparing to take Spanish next year in school!  Yay!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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