The Best Halloween Candy Alternatives and Tips

Are you ready for trick or treaters? I’m a sucker for little cutie-patooties in costumes, especially toddlers and babies. They are absolutely adorable, no matter what costume they have on.

Well, if you’re one of those parents who is hoping that your children don’t come home with a sugar high and a bag full of candy, well, hmmm. How can I put it lightly? YOU ARE! But what you can do is not contribute to the candy craze by giving out other kinds of treats.

My first and most important tip is when going the Halloween Candy Alternative route, don’t give out mini carrot baggies, because that’s just wrong. We love veggies at our home, but giving kids carrots for Halloween will definitely put you in the “don’t go to that house” list.

My second tip is don’t give out homemade snacks. I, for one, would not allow my child to eat a Ziploc bag of trail mix made by someone I didn’t personally know. What are your thoughts on this?

My third tip is think practical and outside the box: fun pencils, erasers, play dough, glow in the dark sticks, tattoos….

Here are few great ideas that don’t involve raisins and carrots to give out to your trick or treaters.

  • Fun Halloween Candy Alternatives 1 of 7
    halloween candy alternatives ideas
  • Pumpkin Play Dough 2 of 7

    Make a batch of this and let the kiddos have fun. You can also store it a baggie if you're concerned about the glass.

    Inspired by Familia

  • Glow in the Dark Balloons 3 of 7
    glow in the dark balloons

    This is a fun one from Kids Activities Blog!

  • Halloween Activity Sheets (free) 4 of 7
    halloween activity sheets

    These are absolutely adorable! I love 3 Dinosaurs printables. This free fun pack has word searches, puzzles... Just print them out and add stickers or crayons, and you have a fun treat for the kids. 

  • Halloween Treat Sacks 5 of 7

    These are perfect to stuff with a small treat inside, like pretzels or cranberries...

    via Inspired by Familia

  • Pumpkin Crayons 6 of 7
    pumpkin crayons

    If you don't mind spending some big money, these crayons are super cute over at Ivy Lane Designs. Or if you're a DIY kind of person, you can easily make these.

  • Halloween Juice 7 of 7

    This is an easy way to get the kids a fun non-candy Halloween treat. You can even do this with juice boxes.

    via Inspired by Familia

So, I’m curious to know: would you let your kids eat homemade snacks that came from their trick or treating rounds?

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