Happy Father’s Day, Papi!

We-Miss-you-Dad-SmallMy daddy has been gone for almost 18 years.  He passed away suddenly, one Sunday morning, leaving my mom and I in complete shock.  I was still a teenager.

Although he’s been gone for a while, I still get teary eyed whenever I see a picture of him. My mom has since recovered, and there are times in which we sit at the dinner table, talking about the good time with my daddy. Then, like clockwork, the tears start to cloud my vision and I get sad. Not sad in the sense that my mom and I miss him, but in a -you’re missing out on so much- type of sadness.

My dad never got to meet my kids. My dad never got to meet the man I married. He didn’t get to see me become a mom or the woman that I am now.  Milestones that I know he would’ve love to experience, himself. I miss him calling me his “negrita de los pancakes” in reference to my being morena, and I never got to ask him why I was being compared to Aunt Jemima. haha!

But I do know for a fact that my daughter, would be his favorite granddaughter.

This is what I miss most.

Many Father’s Days have passed and there isn’t a year that I don’t honor the dad I once had.   I admit that I don’t make it out to the cemetery for every holiday, but when I do, I go prepared with lots of  time, tissues and a whole bunch of flowers.

I carry my daddy where ever I go.  How?  He didn’t leave me worldly possessions, but he left me something that I will have for the rest of my life. See, my dad had dimples.  I have dimples and all 3 kids have them, too. Simple as it may be, this was his gift, and I love it.

Little do my kids know, what those two dents on their faces mean to me.  Whenever I take their pictures, I make sure their smiles are big, so I can capture their only inheritance from their abuelo.

We miss you terribly, daddy.

Happy Papi’s Day.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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