Holiday Family Photo Ideas

Yup, it’s that time of the year again — time for your holiday family photo shoot! I know how hard it can be to capture the perfect family photo for your Christmas card, especially if you have little ones. I’m positive these ideas will inspire you.

It’s really quite hard for me to actually enjoy my time during a family photo shoot, because I’m in crazy task mama mode. So this year, we decided to get professional pictures done to ease some of the stress. And let me tell you, it was so worth it!

The lovely thing is we didn’t just choose any photographer; we picked a business that began in order to help fund a ministry to street boys in Quito, Ecuador. A large percentage of the funds from her business, Carla Ackermann Photography, goes to help Casa Gabriel, a home that works with at-risk and former street boys to direct them in positive life changes.

Don’t be afraid to take a sketch of the poses you like best to your photographer or email them ahead of time so they have an idea of what you have in mind with the photo shoot. My photographer didn’t mind at all, and she gladly shared her photographer insight to my ideas. Now, that’s a good photographer!

Have fun with your holiday family photo ideas! If there ever is a time to be enjoy each other’s company, this is it. These holiday family photo ideas are a mix of creative poses, fun poses, and some Christmas prop ideas.

  • Holiday Family Photo Ideas 1 of 18
    holiday family photo ideas

    Enjoy all of the fabulous ideas you will find in this slideshow: creative family poses, fun poses, and some Christmas prop ideas. 

  • Together Walking Towards the Future 2 of 18

    I love the arching trees in the backdrop and how they are walking together towards the future.

    via Carla Ackermann Photography

  • Going Urban! 3 of 18

    What a great way to use a graffiti wall. I've never seen graffiti look so great!

    via Carla Ackermann Photography

  • Jump for Joy! 4 of 18

    I wonder how many shots it took to get them all up in the air. I love that the baby looks like he's jumping!

    via Carla Ackermann

  • Going On a Bear Hunt 5 of 18

    This is a great family pose, but it takes some major timing to get everyone walking the same direction at the same time. What I love about this picture is how each of my boys is doing their own thing, so it turned out great in my opinion.

    via Carla Ackermann Photography

  • He’s My Man 6 of 18
    family photo pose

    I love how she's clutching his arm!

    photography by Ellie Grover

  • Candy Cane Heart 7 of 18
    christmas picture idea

    You can easily incorporate this candy cane heart to any family photo shot. Maybe parents hold the candy cane heart and the kids look up at mom and dad.

    via Meadow Brook Farm

  • Pretend Snow Prop! 8 of 18

    I love all the expressions in this photo!  Use pretend snow to your advantage and have some fun, but you may want to save this picture until the end if you're using pretend snow.

    via Carla Ackermann Phototgraphy

  • Christmas Lights 9 of 18
    christmas kissing

    Don't be shy! Take some photos of you and the hubby kissing. You can even have the kids in a picture like this by having them hold the lights or covering their eyes. It's simply adorable and sweet!

    via Haley Sheffield

  • Picture Within a Picture! 10 of 18

    This is an easy and fun way to use a simple prop, like an empty picture frame. Or you can have the kids hold the frame and put mom and dad in the picture frame.

    via Carla Ackermann Photography

  • Casual & Fancy Come Together 11 of 18
    fancy and casual photo

    I like how the mix of casual and fancy come together in this photo.

    photographer Blu Hippo Photography

  • I Saw Mommy & Daddy Kissing 12 of 18
  • Individual Photos With the Kids 13 of 18
    individual family photo

    Simple, but individual photos rarely happen in our home with three kids. I'm definitely adding this to my list.

    via Pastel Photography

  • Family of Three 14 of 18
    family photo 1

    A slightly different twist to a typical pose. I like how they are turned away from the camera, but the little one is looking back.

    via ShaiLynn Photography

  • Walking Away 15 of 18
    family picture 2

    I'm a big fan of walking away from the camera family shots. I love how they used the wagon to change up this typical pose.

    via Blue Lily

  • Dad & Daughter Picture 16 of 18
    daddy and daughter

    Absolutely precious!

    via Pillow Thought Photography

  • Lean In 17 of 18
    family photo 3
  • Swinging 18 of 18

    I love the swinging child in the middle. You can totally capture this shot in any type of setting.

    via Inspired by Familia

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