How to Choose the Right Blush for your Skin Tone

Do you know how to choose the right blush for your skin tone? I was so clueless about this when I first started wearing makeup. OK, I still have questions about it today! That’s why I decided to reach out to my friend and amazing makeup artist Elizabeth Ulloa. You may recognize her from my post 11 Simple Beauty and Skincare Tips You Can Use! She’s Neutrogena’s first Hispanic Beauty Ambassador and she’s always around when I need help in the beauty department.

I asked her a few questions that were burning a hole in my curious brain. Like why is choosing the right shade even important? And what’s the key when choosing a blush that compliments my skin tone? I even threw in a few more. Turns out  choosing the right blush for your skin tone isn’t as hard as you might think it is.

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    Are you like me, and the many others out there, that have no idea how to choose the right shade of blush for your skin tone? I reached out to the amazing Elizabeth Ulloa for some help. She's not only a talented makeup artist, but she's also Neutrogena's first Hispanic Beauty Ambassador. Here are some of her tips and more! 

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    "Choosing the right blush shade for your skin tone is key for a radiant look," said Elizabeth. "You don't want to look washed out by choosing a shade that is too light for your complexion or too overdone by choosing a bright shade. Finding the right shade will make your overall makeup look cohesive."

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    "The key is to first figure out your skin tone. There are two categories "cool tones" and "warm tones."  Cool tones fall under fair skin, porcelain women who get freckles and burn easily. Warm tones fall under medium and dark skin tones such as olive, yellow and red skin undertones," said Elizabeth.


    "For cool tones, I suggest choosing soft pinks, soft peaches and soft caramels for a natural look (stay away from anything too red). For warm tones you are in luck! Every shade pretty much looks great. However, I like to use warmer pinks and peaches on medium skin tones and brighter shades on darker skin tones, such as bright cranberry's and plums to brighten up the face."  

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    "Yes, these tips work for both powder and cream blushes," said Elizabeth. "For darker skin tones, I suggest using bright colors if you are using a cream blush. Cream blushes give you that perfect dewy healthy glow, but they tend to fade a lot quicker on darker skin tones. By using a brighter shade the color will last a lot longer."

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    "I think the biggest mistake is choosing the wrong shade. The best colors are the pinky and peachy tones. Women should have both a pink shade and peach shade to complement their skin tone. Pink for day, Peach for night." said Elizabeth.

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    "For spring 2014, I suggest using shades that will give you a natural glow. My favorite one at the moment is the new NEUTROGENA® Healthy Skin® Blush available this March, suitable for multiple skin tones and types," said Elizabeth. "I love the Petal Glow shade for fair and medium skin, Soft Berry for medium and dark skin, and Fresh Plum for darker skin. It will instantly enhance skin's healthy glow. The NEUTROGENA® Healthy Skin® Blush is designed to blend evenly and is enriched with an exclusive blend of nourishing Sunflower Seed Oil and antioxidant Vitamin E."

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    "I personally love to apply blush on the apples of the cheeks, forehead, temples and tip of the nose. It gives you a natural glow and this is exactly how I apply blush on my clients for a red carpet event," said Elizabeth.

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    Elizabeth Ulloa is a Los Angeles-based makeup artist who has work with such prestigious magazines as InStyle, Glamour Marie Claire, Elle, and Australian Vogue. She has also worked with some of the world's biggest celebrities.


    Elizabeth recently became Neutrogena's first Hispanic Beauty Ambassador and is thrilled to be part of an amazing brand.


    "I completely identify with Neutrogena and feel very excited to be able to represent a brand that believes health and beauty go hand in hand and that shares my philosophy of a clean, fresh and natural appearance. This is a wonderful opportunity that fills me with great pride as I am able to share my experiences and communicate a message of beauty, wellbeing and confidence to Latinas," said Elizabeth.


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