How To Make Pirate-Themed Invitations at Home

I still can’t believe my son will be turning one in just three months. I know the next couple months are going to be super busy, so I decided to get a head start on making the invitations for his party. I don’t consider myself crafty at all, but ever since I became a mom, I love anything to do with party planning (it all started with my baby shower here).

Oh, and I love anything themed! For his birthday, we decided to plan a pirate-themed party — Jake and the Neverland Pirates to be exact. I wanted to make the invitations myself, so I started researching ideas and ran into these from Parker and TY. The best part is they offer to send you a free printable of the file if you send them an email.

Here are a few simple steps on how you can make your own pirate-themed Invitations.

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    I love Parker and TY's suggestion to use brown paper bags for the invitations, so I headed to my nearest Whole Foods and asked for a couple of extra bags. Luckily, I'm only inviting 30 guests, so I only needed a few bags. Once I had the bags, I cut them into 8.5" x 11" pieces.

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    I printed them on the blank side using the free printable template Parker and TY sent me and had no problem running the paper through my printer. I used PicMonkey to customize my own information (ie. date of the party, RSVP info). I really liked their "Bleeding Cowboys" font and found it worked well with the rest of the template font.

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    Once printed, I used a lighter to burn the edges. Make sure you do this outside, since it will really stink up your house. As the paper began to burn, I would simply blow off the flame to create the burnt edge look.

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    It should look something like this.

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    So now that you have your burnt-edged paper, you want to cover the back so it doesn't have the Whole Foods logo. I used this black card stock paper I bought at Michaels.

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    I then tied a gold string to give it a final touch.

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    And there you have it! Your very own pirate-themed invitations. They're sure to get many compliments! 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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