Ice Cream Shop: A Trip to the Paleteria

Ice Cream Shop: A trip to the paleteriaI never thought I’d be teaching my kids about our Mexican culture through Ice Cream. I recently took a trip to a local neveria y paleteria, ice cream shop, because I wanted them to see that there was more to ice cream then buckets of generic flavors. The experience of tasting and visiting an authentic Mexican ice cream shop is one they won’t soon forget.

Growing up we use to wait by the door for the sound of the bell ringing from our paletero man. He would walk by every afternoon pushing his freezer cart full of different paletas. We learned our paletero’s name and he became part of our childhood.

I wanted my kids to experience at the very least the variety of flavors and types of ice cream found in a neveria y paleteria.

A neveria typically has ice cream freezers set up with containers of various flavors much like what the kids neveria use to already seeing. A paleteria or paletero only carry popsicles usually made of natural flavors. So when my friend mentioned this local shop during our visit in California, I knew it was a treat to be able to experience both!

See what the kids learned on our trip to the neveria y palerteria.

  • A trip to the neveria y paleteria 1 of 14
    Ice Cream Shop: A trip to the paleteria

    Scroll through the photos to see how our visit at the local Mexican ice cream shop went

  • Authentic Mexican ice cream shop: neveria y paleteria 2 of 14
    authentic mexican ice cream shop neveria y paleteria

    Excited to enter the neveria a friend recommended to us. Thanks so much our friends at for mentioning the shop to us. 

  • Picking paletas by color 3 of 14
    Ice cream shop: picking paletas by color

    When we arrived the kids ran to look over the freezer doors to see what was in them. The kids kept asking for ice cream by color. "I want the green I want the blue no I want pink" I love that the ice cream pops are very colorful. 

  • Learning about the different paleta flavors 4 of 14
    Ice Cream Shop: learning the different paleta flavors

    I read the flavors to them and asked what they thought they might like. Some of the flavors were in Spanish and I helped to translate for them. 

  • The variety of paletas is amazing 5 of 14
    Ice cream shop: a variety of paletas

    There were at least 35 different flavors of paletas on the menu. All natural flavors which is very authentic to Mexican paleterias.

  • Natural flavor paletas 6 of 14
    Ice cream shop: natural flavor paletas

    The flavors ranged from fruits to nuts to other specialty flavors. They are either milk based or water based. 

  • Paletas de leche 7 of 14
    Ice cream shop:paletas de leche

    Milk based paletas are typically for the nuts or vanilla combinations. Strawberry, coconut and walnut are very popular flavors.

  • Paletas de agua 8 of 14
    Ice cream shop: paletas de agua

    Water based paletas are typically for fruit flavors like Watermelon, lime and even cucumber with chile! 

  • Specialty paletas 9 of 14
    ice cream shop: specialty paletas

    Specialty paletas are those the neveria creates. We loved the vanilla with a piece of guava jelly. There are also other combinations the shops invent. 

  • Nieve en vaso 10 of 14
    ice cream shop: Nieve en vaso at the neveria

    The kids also tried the ice cream in a cup, nieve en vaso. The loved the bubble gum flavor and strawberry shortcake. Although they are American flavors the consistency of the taste was a sweet reminder of Mexican flavored ice cream. Delicious!

  • Nieve and paletas 11 of 14
    ice cream shop: nieve and paletas

    While we don't typically let the kids choose two ice creams at a time, this definitely was a special opportunity for them to experience Mexican ice cream.

  • Other menu items at a paleteria 12 of 14
    other menu items at a paleteria

    Like most Mexican Ice cream shops in Mexico, a neveria also offers other menu items. This neveria offered a variety of Mexican treats like fruit salads, fresh Mexican waters and milk shakes!

  • Enjoying a Mexican neveria y paleteria 13 of 14
    enjoying a mexican neveria y paleteria

    The kids enjoyed the neveria so much! We sat and ate our ice creams and talked about how yummy they were.

  • Enjoy some paletas at home 14 of 14
    enjoy some paletas at home

    We even brought some paletas home with us. We can't wait to visit again! 

What are your favorite ice cream flavors?

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