Impressive Día de los Muertos Altars to Honor Our Loved Ones

Many Latinos are getting ready for a holiday that is called Día de los Muertos. November 2nd is hailed as one of the most sacred days on the calendar. Many gather together to pay homage and honor those who are no long with us.

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I’ve seen many altars growing up, but never really understood them until not too long ago. If this is something new to you or if you have never seen a Day of the Dead altar, it can be intimidating and scary at first. But the meaning and the sacredness behind the flowers, candles, and the Katrinas (skeletons) is something truly beautiful.

Take a look at these impressive Día de los Muertos altars. Maybe they will inspire you to build one of your own. Check out these beautiful floral crowns that you can wear on Day of the Dead.

  • Impressive altars to honor the dead 1 of 13
    impressive dia de los muertos altars

    Take a look at these sacred altars for Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)!

  • Many shades of purple 2 of 13
    dia de los muertos 2

    Check out the purple color theme in the altar. Love it!

    Photo Source: HockeyholicAZ/Flickr

  • Simple and sweet 3 of 13
    dia de los muertos 3

    Check out all the Mexican candy on this altar! Starbucks, anyone?

    Photo Source: Gruenemann/Flickr

  • Beautiful memories 4 of 13
    dia de los muertos 4

    This is a bittersweet altar for a little girl. Many toys are displayed in remembrance of her.

    Photo Source: Christian Frausto Bernal/Flickr

  • Lights, lights and more lights! 5 of 13

    Candles play a huge part on any Día de los Muertos altar. They add such a beautiful touch to any altar.

    Photo Source: Uteart/Flickr

  • New heights! 6 of 13
    dia de los muertos 6

    Wow. This is the most impressive altar I've seen. This person was super loved.

    Photo Source: Gruenemann/Flickr

  • Colorful Masterpiece 7 of 13
    dia de los muertos 1

    Love all the colors used in this altar. So much to look at!

    Photo Source: vmiramontes/Flickr

  • Flower petals! 8 of 13
    dia de los muertos 7

    One thing you'll see on these special altars are marigold petals. This impressive altar is filled with them!

    Photo Source: Christian Frausto Bernal/Flickr

  • Colorful sugar skulls 9 of 13
    dia de los muertos 2altar-nandf

    Sugar skulls are also popular items on many altars. They are placed on altars to honor the dead and are eaten after November 2nd.

    Photo source: Erika/

  • Ode to the Blonde Bombshell 10 of 13

    This beautiful altar is dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. Love the mixture of the red petals on the black tablecloth.

    Photo Source: Carmichaellibrary/Flickr

  • The happiest altar on earth! 11 of 13

    Even Disneyland gets in on the Día de los Muertos festivities.

    Photo Source:

  • Family celebrations 12 of 13
    ddlm altar

    Many altars are part of the festive celebration with friends and family. Laughter, music, and good times are had on November 2nd!

    Photo Source:  Jesse P. (my awesome friend!)

  • Fruity altars 13 of 13
    dia de los muertos altar-nandf

    The fruits on the altars are an offering to the dead. From bananas to oranges, you can honor your departed loved one with their favorite fruits, too!

    Photo source: Ericka/

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