Interview: Tia and Tamera Talk Motherhood, Fashion and Becoming Entrepreneurs

Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley, first hit the TV screens in the 90’s with their hit sitcom  Sister, Sister. I remember rushing home from school each day to watch their show. Since then–the two have become recent moms and are back on the TV scene with their hit reality show Tia and Tamera. Not only that, but they also launched a product line, NEED, which includes Milky!, a herbal tea supplement that promotes lactation and Stretchy! an all-natural cream that helps repair stretch marks.

I’ve actually had the chance to try Milky! myself and I have to say I’ve become a HUGE fan. I recently had the chance to interview Tia and Tamera on everything from motherhood, fashion must-haves and becoming mommy moguls. Here’s what they had to say….

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  • Q: Being a mom, wife and now entrepreneurs, how do you manage it all? 1 of 7
    tia and tamera

    Tia: What I do first is I prioritize; it's something that I do with the whole family. We talk about what's important for the family and for each of us. That makes everything easy with coming up with a strategy. I take everything a step at a time. I don't like to get too ahead of myself, because if I do I will get overwhelmed. I always like to keep it real, there are times when I'm overwhelmed and have a cry out and I think it's normal. I'm normal, and it's important to share that. I take everything a moment at a time.  


    Tamera: Oh Lord! There are days when I ask myself that same question. I honestly just try to take it a day at a time. I have never been an organized person and my sister can tell you that by living with me.  But after having a baby, I realize that's the only way I will have sanity. I have to organize my thoughts, my goals, organize my meetings, the jobs, and then prioritize. I think that's the main thing. There are some days when it's easy and there are days when I want to pull my hair out. But when I prioritize I feel a lot more anchored, I always put my family first. 



  • Q: Tell me a little bit more about Milky. What was the inspiration? 2 of 7
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    Tia: One of the reasons my sister and I decided to create Milky was actually out of a need—it came from a personal experience. I was breastfeeding and then I had to go back to work and my milk stopped at three months. The tea was disgusting, the pills were not practical and so I was devastated I was not able to produce enough milk. Tamera and I decided to come up with a product that we felt we would have loved to have when we were pregnant.  That's exactly how Milky came about. 


    Tamera: I actually injured my neck when I was nursing and my neck got so stiff; I was in so much pain I had to take medication. For two weeks I had to stop nursing, which was a very hard decision to make. My milk decreased—I went from pumping 5 to 7 ounces to zero! I called Tia and I was like "oh my gosh, this is horrible." I took Milky; I went from 0 to 5 ounces after taking it for 4 days.



  • Q: What baby item would you say has been a life saver? 3 of 7
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     Tia: I'm going to say the Cloud B Sleep Sheep. It's great for entertaining your child, especially to go to sleep. Cree has been using it ever since he was a newborn.  I also love the Cloud B Turtle; it's great for traveling and has stars that are projected on the ceilings and walls. 


    Tamera: For me it's the Fisher-Price Swing. Whenever I need to get some things done, say the dishes or just put on some lipstick—I know that he is comfortable and he won't cry. He absolutely loves it.

  • Q: How would you describe your parenting style? 4 of 7
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    Tia: I would say I have more of the attachment parenting style. I'm not too strict on where he sleeps at night. He's been sleeping with his parents ever since he was born. I surely feel that my child is extremely happy and I feel it's because he feels safe. My sister would tell you I'm more of the modern mom. 


    Tamera:  I'm more of the "non-attachment" parenting style. I have sleep trained my son ever since he was 8 weeks old. He's fine; he knows how to soothe himself. My husband and I thought that was imperative because 1.) we're newlyweds so we still wanted our bed and 2.) we travel a lot so keeping him on that schedule was very important for us. I don't feel one style is better than the other. It's all about your lifestyle.



  • Q: Any interesting diaper stories? 5 of 7

    Tia: When my son was first born I had no idea of the poop projectile, so my husband and I were sitting on the bed and he was changing Cree. All of a sudden, he pooped and it went all across the room. It just scared my husband and I so badly, my husband fell out of the bed (laughs). 


    Tamera: We were in the car on our way to dinner and I forgot to pack a change of clothes (I have no idea how that happened). Aden decided to have a blowout and it went all through his back almost to his neck. I had no other clothes! We were late for dinner and we had to stop by Target to get some clothes.



  • Q: How would you describe your style now that you’re a mom, has it changed? 6 of 7
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    Tia: That's an interesting question, my style completely changed after I became a mom. For some apparent reason I feel so much sexier now. I don't know, just becoming a mom I feel I've embraced my womanly curves, my "womaniss" if that's a word. I'm so proud to be a woman and I feel we are such strong human beings and I feel powerful and sexy. So I definitely think my style has become sexier. 


    Tamera: For me, I'm in the process of getting my "shuzz" back as Tia would call it.  I had to learn how to dress my new body. I got stuck in that phase for a while and it was a struggle. You're dealing with an entire new body. I had to learn how to have tailored looks, like blazers, jeans. My style is definitely chic, but I'm dabbing into a little…the perfect person I can describe is Kourtney Kardashian's style. She's a mom and she's structured and chic but has a bit of mystery to her outfits. I'm working into that direction. I'm venturing out a little more and can agree with Tia that when you're a mom you definitely feel sexier.


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  • Q: I’m a new mom myself, do you have any advice for new moms? 7 of 7

    Tia: My biggest advice is just to forgive yourself. Every mom wants to strive for perfection and be the best mom, but unfortunately we are not robots…we are human beings. So there are going to be some days when you make some mistakes. I remember when my son first fell I was devastated. I was thinking oh my gosh, why wasn't I paying attention, but that stuff happens.  When you learn to forgive yourself you actually become a better and happier mom. 


    Tamera: I would say---breathe. Everything always works itself out. Like Tia said, we are not perfect and we are not going to know how to do everything perfectly. So be patient with yourself. Give yourself time to find that rhythm. You are never going to be 100% prepared and that's the truth, even if you've taken all these classes and read all these books. Just breathe, relax and know in the end you are going to figure it out eventually.



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