It’s Hispanic Heritage Month! Kids Tell Us What Being Hispanic Means to Them

This past weekend, we kicked off a month-long celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. This is the time where my kids and I really immerse ourselves in tradition and heritage. I am Mexican-American, so we talk about all things related to Mexican culture! Yesterday was Mexico’s Independence Day, and if one country knows how to celebrate Independence Day, it’s Mexico. My kids have been exposed to their heritage from birth, and as they get older, I know they’ll be able to grasp the significance of knowing their ancestral background and so much more.

I asked several Hispanic moms to ask their kids about what their heritage means to them, and the following answers are both heartfelt and cute. Here is a collection of quotes from kids of all ages on what it means to be Hispanic and why it’s important to celebrate the culture. I hope you enjoy!

  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 1 of 15
    quotes about hispanic heritage month

    Take a look at what being Hispanic means to kids of all ages!

  • Pretty dresses! 2 of 15
    anais age 5

    Women who are Mariachis do wear pretty dresses. I completely agree!

    (Quote from Redefining Dad's daughter)

  • Making our ancestors proud 3 of 15
    kids answers

    Adorable! I can see why we have to make America important.

    (Quote from Mami's Time Out's son)

  • Yum, Mexican food 4 of 15
    joshua 7

    I love Mexican food. Do you? Everyone does, right?

    (Quote from my friend Mallory's son)

  • Tradtions are best! 5 of 15
    julia age 15

    Celebrating traditions that are passed down from generation to generation is important when raising kids — especially when you're living in the States!

    (Quote from my friend Victoria's daughter)

  • Saying the numbers in Spanish 6 of 15
    Karina, age 5

    There's nothing like a good bean and cheese burrito!

    (Quote from my friend Michelle's daughter)


  • Pregnant bellies across borders 7 of 15
    lauren age 5

    I mean, of course, right? I agree with little Miss Lauren!

    (Quote from my friend Mallory's daughter)

  • Understanding the language 8 of 15
    adam, age 6'

    Kids must feel so proud when they understand people speaking in a different language.

    (Quote from Fieldtrip Mom's son)

  • Having relatives 9 of 15
    little lady age 4

    So sweet!

    (Quote from Growing up Blackxican's daughter)

  • More Mexican food! 10 of 15
    little man age 5

    I agree, Little Man, I agree!

    (Quote from Growing up Blackxican's son)

  • More history 11 of 15
    MJ age 10

    Speaking two languages is a talent!

    (Quote from Independent Mami's son)

  • Mariachi music 12 of 15
    nick ange 6

    Isn't it amazing when kids embrace their culture and love everything about it?

    (Quote from Mamá Noticias's son)

  • Speaking Spanish 13 of 15
    noah age 3

    Heck, why else would we go to parties, right? Right on, Noah!

    (Quote from my friend Victoria's son)

  • I love my Mexican family! 14 of 15
    jeremiah 15

    I am so, so proud that my son considers himself to be Mexican, even though he's only half Mexican.

    (Quote from my son)

  • And finally, more Mexican food! 15 of 15
    ian age 9

    Field Trip Mom relayed this quote from her son over to me. I'm a pretty big fan of burritos, too!

    (Quote from Field Trip Mom's son)

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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