Latin-Inspired Easter Tradition: Cascarones

It always puts a huge smile on my face to picture my uncle and siblings running around chasing each other while trying to crack “cascarones” on each other’s heads.

I was “la nena,” the little princess, in our house and I quickly learned how to use that position to my advantage! I would run and smash eggs over my brothers’ heads and then run away screaming to hide behind mi mama. Of course no one would dare crack a powder-filled egg on mi mami.

When you have grown up all your life enjoying confetti-filled eggs, you get to a point that you feel the need to kick it up a notch, and so we did. We started filling them with flour.

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In Mexico, cascarones, confetti-filled eggshells, are meant to be broken above the head of friends and family as part of the Easter holiday celebration. Many people make a wish as they break the egg. According to tradition, a confetti shower brings good luck to both the one who breaks the shell and the one whose head it is broken over. The word “cascarone” comes from the Spanish word “cascara” which means shell.

For the past 20 years, I’ve made it my goal to introduce this tradition to all of our non-Mexican friends and share a piece of mi familia with them. It’s always a big hit! I spend hours looking through albums of Easters from years past and it brings joy to my heart to see that others are filled with laughter as they enjoy a Hernandez tradition.

This year add a little cultural twist to your usual Easter egg activities with the Mexican-inspired tradition cascarones.

easter tradition cascarones

How to make these fun-filled eggs:

1. Carefully tap the end of a raw egg to break a small hole into it.  Shake out the yolk and egg white in a bowl.

2. Rinse the egg shell inside and out.

3. Dye and decorate the shell however you wish. Here’s how you can make your own easy egg dye plus fun dyeing techniques. Once decorated, allow the shell to dry completely. You can use one of the drying techniques here.

4. Fill the shell with confetti.

5. Glue a small square of tissue paper over the hole.

Note: Brown egg shells are harder to break so you may need to slightly crush it in your hand before you smash it over your victim’s head.

Now go shower someone with good luck!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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