Latina Celebrity Moms Are Just Like Us! Check Out These Pics from Instagram

From dirty dishes piling up in the sink to rocking the mom-uniform, sweatpants and a messy bun, these  celebrity moms prove they are just like us.

Check out some of these pictures we spotted on Instagram from Jessica Alba to Shakira.

I guess we’re not alone after all!


  • They Bring Their Kids To Work 1 of 7
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    Here's a picture Shakira posted on Instagram with her adorable son at work. She posted, "Milan and mom hard at work in the UK's finest studios." I remember one time my nanny called in sick and that same day I had a TV segment to film. I could't miss it, so I simply brought my 9-month old along. Hey, a working mom has to do what a working mom has to do right? (Here's my pic that I posted on my Instagram.)


    Photo via Instagram/Shakira

  • They’re Not Dolled Up 24/7 2 of 7
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    Sometimes us moms like to be comfy too. Here's a picture of Snooki hanging out with her son sporting a messy bun, a sweater, and leggings. When my son was first born, this was practically my uniform for those first 3 months of life. Oh that, and a nursing tank of course. 


    Photo via Instagram/Snookinic

  • They Have Never Ending Piles of Dishes 3 of 7
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    See... we're not alone with our never-ending piles of dishes. Jessica Alba posted this pic with the hashtags #momrealness #neverendingpilesofdishes. My husband and I have an inside joke where we tell each other, "You lost the battle today," referring to our battle with the dishes. Sometimes as hard as we try, those pesky dishes just keep piling up. Thank you Jessica for your mom realness!


    Photo via Instagram/JessicaAlba

  • They Co-Sleep On Occasion 4 of 7
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    After a long night, there's nothing wrong with a little co-sleeping. Here's a picture of Roselyn Sanchez sleeping with her daughter Sebella. It's the cutest thing! 


    Photo via Instagram/RoselynSanchez

  • They Make Grocery Store Runs 5 of 7
    Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.51.13 AM

    With a shopping cart full of groceries, Univision Anchor Barbara Bermudo posted this picture of her daughter fast asleep while she was running errands. Sure we'd like to think they probably have people that could do it for them, but I'm telling you, they're just like us. 


    Photo via Instagram/Barbarabermudo

  • They Make Silly Faces 6 of 7
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    They like to goof around too. Here's a picture of Christina Milian with her adorable daughter making faces while enjoying shaved ice cream. I do my share of silly faces to get my 13 month-old to laugh, as well as make up the silliest lyrics to made-up songs. 


    Photo via Instagram/Christinamilian

  • They Never Stop Worrying 7 of 7
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    Last, but not least, no matter how old they get they will always be our baby. Here's a picture of Sofia Vergara with her 20-year-old son Manolo. This will definitely be me with my son. I promised myself that I wouldn't become an overly jealous mother-in-law, at least I'll try right? 


    Photo via Instgram/SofiaVergara

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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