Lime and Banana Agua Fresca

During my recent visit to California I indulged in delicious colorful aguas frescas. Aguas frescas are water beverages made of natural ingredients like fruits and dried seeds with little preparation. These waters are traditional beverages in my Mexican culture but most importantly staples to the memories of my childhood.

One of my favorite recipes comes from my aunt. I still remember the day I learned to make it. My aunt was in my grandfather’s backyard on a hot summer afternoon squeezing limes by hand into a huge pitcher. I asked what exactly she was trying to do and she began to share her secret water. The family soon gathered and relaxed with a glass of agua fresca under the shade of a tree. I remember the conversation, the laughs and the citrus of the lime in the air. The perfect combination of lime juice and sweet bite of diced bananas still make my mouth water.

This summer I plan on making many more memories with my family over aguas frescas.

To make some of this delicious lime and banana agua fresca follow the step by step tutorial below:

  • Lime and Banana Agua Fresca 1 of 9

    Make some summer memories with this Agua Fresca.  Scroll through the images for a step by step tutorial. 

  • Ingredients 2 of 9

    This simple recipe calls for 4 ingredients:

    2 QTS of water • 1 cup of sugar •  Juice of 7 limes • 1 banana 

  • Limes 3 of 9

    Cut and squeeze the juice of  7 limes into a pitcher. Using a squeezer is the best option to get the most juice of your limes. 

  • Water 4 of 9

    Be sure to transfer your lime juice into a pitcher that can hold more than 2qts of water. Pour the lime juice together with the water and stir. 

  • Sugar 5 of 9

    Since the amount of lime juice is going to vary so will the sugar. We used a cup. Be sure to add a little at a time and taste You want the lime to be a little sweet like limeade but not  too sweet. The bananas will offer a sweet taste as well.  

  • Dice bananas 6 of 9

    Cut a banana into 4s and dice. Make pieces smaller than the size of your ice cubes.

  • Add Diced Bananas 7 of 9

    Immediately after dicing the banana add to the agua. 

  • Serve chilled 8 of 9

    This agua fresca is best served chilled. Instead of adding the ice to the pitcher add to individual servings. 

  • Enjoy agua fresca 9 of 9

    Garnish with a lime and enjoy! 

    This is a great healthy option to stay hydrated this summer!


Lime and Banana Agua Fresca Recipe 


•2 qts of water •1 cup of sugar • 7 limes •1 banana


•Cut and squeeze the juice of 7 limes

•Mix Lime juice and water together and stir

•Add sugar in small amounts and taste

•Dice a banana and add to agua fresca

•Serve chilled and enjoy

What is your go to summer beverage? Do you have a favorite agua fresca?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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