Making Memories & 10 Ways to Have Fun with Bubbles

I just made a Magical Bubble Wand for my kids this week and it brought back so many fun memories of my childhood.  So I want to encourage you today to PLAY!  Play with your kids this week.

Go frolic in a grassy knoll.

Chase fireflies with the light from the moon as your guide.

Play a game of kickball with a mouth full of Big League Chew gum.

Blow bubbles and giggle with delight with your child.

Lay under a tree and talk about your hopes and dream!

Make cloud shapes.

Whatever you do make sure to enjoy the little moments with your kids before you’re staring at a senior whose walking across the stage with a cap and gown.

“So many of my smiles begin with you!”


Quotes free printable

I love this quote.  If you need to set these printables around your house or office to remind you of the little ones that love you, than please do.  You can upload the free printable here. Here’s a preview of all 4 that you can download.

  • 10 Fun with Bubbles Activities 1 of 11
    10 ways to have fun with bubbles

    Are you ready to explore the world of bubbles?  

  • Magical Bubble Wand 2 of 11
    diy bubbles solution and wand

    I have been wanting to make these for years!  Aren't they gorgeous?  details at Inspired by Familia

  • Giant Bubbles Solution 3 of 11
    big bubbles

    What are bubble wands without the bubbles solution?  Here is a recipe for giant bubbles from Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

  • Pipe Cleaner Wands 4 of 11
    pipe cleaner wands

    These are so easy to make, find out how easy at Armelle Blog.

  • Bubble Printing 5 of 11
    bubble print

    I love how these cards turned out! So cheery!  Get the details at The Chocolate Muffin Tree.

  • 10 Activities to do while blowing bubbles 6 of 11
    bubble activities

    This is such a clever way to weave in some learning or physical activity to blowing bubbles. via Kids Activities Blog

  • Frozen Bubbles 7 of 11
    frozen bubbles

    Wow, so fun and educational. via Science Made Fun

  • Bubble Refills Container 8 of 11
    bubble refills

    Here's an easy way to keep filling up those containers with bubbles from La-La's Home Daycare.

  • Fun Bubble Wand 9 of 11
    beads and pipe cleaner bubbles wand

    I love how she uses both pipe cleaner and beads to make these fun Bubble Wands. via The Handmade Experiment

  • Simple Bubbles Wand: Straws and String 10 of 11
    straw bubble wands

    These are so simple and lots of fun.  via Find it, Make it, Love it

  • Jello Bubbles 11 of 11
    jello bubbles

    How fun are these? Two childhood favorites: Jello and Bubbles!  via Salt Tree

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