My Favorite Mexican Candy That I Share With My Kids

I grew up visiting Tijuana, Mexico, every weekend of my childhood. I even lived there for a year as a child. Both my parents are from the same town. I still recall the days I’d visit and take off running up the town hill to visit our local corner store. I was always out to find my favorite Mexican candy. Mexican candy was very cheap then and so authentic to our culture.

Now as a mother, I get to enjoy my favorite candies with my kids. When we visit Mexico every summer, my kids try new candies. They are quickly learning that the flavors we taste in Mexico are very different to those of candy in the States. Though it isn’t often they get to indulge in sweets, I do let them feast on the amazing fruit-filled treats Mexico has to offer.

During our last visit we tried everything, including chocolate-, peanut-, and tamarind-flavored candies. Many of our favorites come in lollipop form but the variety is amazing. If I were to choose a few of the candies my kids are allowed to eat, these 15 Mexican candies would be on the list.


  • Mexican Candy my kids are allowed to eat 1 of 16

    I love Mexican candy. These are the select few my kids are allowed to eat. Scroll through to learn what they are. 

  • Paleton La Corona 2 of 16

    My grandfather was known to spoil me with one of these colorful foil wrapped chocolate covered marshmallows. I love the crunch of biting into the chocolate with the soft center marshmallow. 

    Buy it here: Paleton La Corona 

  • Mini Obleas 3 of 16

    Mini obleas were my grandmother's favorite candy. We use to share these caramel filled wafers. They come in various sizes but I like to think the mini ones are the best. My kids love the gooey sweet center and the feeling of it melting in their mouths. 

    Buy it here: Mini Obleas

  • Carlos V 4 of 16

    Carlos V is such an old school chocolate bar. I always ended up holding my chocolate bar in hand to long that it would melt. I like them best frozen! My kids have yet to try this one.

    Buy it here: Carlos V

  • Manita Lollipop 5 of 16

    If you've never had this fortune telling lollipop know as La Manita you are missing out. As a kid my cousins would tell me the fortune was about my secret crush. It was always something cute written on the fortune telling cherry flavored lollipop. 

    Buy it here: La Manita Lollipop

  • Rebanaditas Watermelon lollipop 6 of 16

    These watermelon flavored lollipops come with or without a coating of chile. I like them both but for the kids sake they get them without. The flavor of Vero brand candies are amazing and this is definitely a top pick. 

    buy it here: Watermelon Lollipop 

  • Pulparindo 7 of 16

    Tamarind is a very popular flavor in Mexican candy. Pulparindo is the perfect example of a not so spicy candy. I love the sweet and sour taste from this pulp like candy. 

    Buy it here: Pulparindo

  • Mazapan 8 of 16

    I like to think of a Mazapan being a Mexican peanut butter cup without the chocolate. Though its almond flavored it's made with peanuts that have been crushed and formed into the delicious small round candy. 

    Buy it here: Mazapan

  • La Vaquita Lollipops 9 of 16

    These milk caramel lollipops were always dunked in some warm milk as a kid. I loved flavoring my milk and being able to suck on the lollipop at the same time. I know it sounds unhealthy but it is a very sweet childhood memory.

    Buy it here: La Vaquita Lollipops

  • Paleta Payaso 10 of 16

    Paleta Payaso is a gummy face chocolate cover marshmallow lollipos. It is one of the most popular kid candy treats to date. This was one of the first Mexican Candies my kids tried. 

    Buy it here: Paleta Payaso

  • Giant Marshmallow 11 of 16

    Extra giant marshmallows are the best! These are very popular at birthday parties. I love the pink ones the best even thought they taste the same. 

    Buy it here: Giant Marshmallows 

  • Duvalina 12 of 16

    Duvalin are the best!!! It's a small cup of flavored candy that you eat with a small plastic spoon that comes with it. It comes in various flavors like strawberry, vanilla,  chocolate, and hazelnut swirl. I love the hazelnut flavor the best. 

    Buy it here: Duvalin

  • Bolitochas de Pina 13 of 16

    These little balls of hard candy in pineapple flavor are filled with some chile but it's not as bad as you would think. My kids have tried the watermelon flavored ones before but honestly pineapple is my favorite. 

    Buy it here: Bolitochas Piña

  • Rellerindos de tamarindo 14 of 16

    These tamarind shaped and flavored hard candy  is so good! I really like that you get the hard candy and a gooey center. These aren't spicy at all. 

    Buy it here: Rellerindos

  • Cuchara de tamarindo 15 of 16

    Pulp is very popular in many of our candies. This popular spoonful of tamarind with a center of salt. I enjoy the sweet and salty taste to this candy. My kids can definitely have this candy only after removing the salted center. 

    Buy it here: Cuchara de Tamarindo 

  • Cacahuates Japones 16 of 16

    These peanuts are known as Japanese Peanuts. They have a salty hard shell and are usually served as a party snack. I loved eating these with Chamoy a type of chile sauce that wasn't too spicy. They were the best snack. 

    Buy it here: Cacahuates Japones

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What are your favorite childhood candies? Do you allow your children to eat them?

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