Mexican Cleaning Product Must Haves

Mexican Cleaning Product Must HavesWhen it comes to cleaning I like great smelling products and things that actually work.

Growing up in Mexico for a short time of my life I remember washing clothes by hand, hanging them to dry, moping, and doing the dishes with products that were amazing!

The house always smelled clean and our clothes were always sparkly and bright!  Once we left Mexico to be back in the states I found it hard to find my favorite products.

Luckily now some of my favorites can be purchased online but also in big name stores.

The products are not only amazingly good they really smell fantastic. Many of the products are inexpensive and can really help save money. The best part is they get the job done.

Here is a list of some of my families favorite Mexican cleaning products.


  • Ariel 1 of 5
    Mexican Cleaning Product Must Haves-Ariel

    Ariel is known to be for laundry detergent however I also liked using it for our dishes. There is something about Ariel that leaves everything feeling so clean Best feeling ever! The smells are amazing. Mexico carries a variety of fragrances but I always prefer the original scent. 

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  • Fabuloso 2 of 5
    Mexican Cleaning Product Must Haves-Fabuloso

    This instantly makes your home smell clean. It is used for moping but I also like to pour it into my bathroom sink and toilet. I highly recommend this product. 

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  • Foca 3 of 5
    Mexican Cleaning Product Must Haves-Foca

    I love this soap for my every day clothes but sometimes will mix a few others to make a great combination of laundry soaps. Foca was my favorite because it left my clothes smelling nice and my whites were always bright. 

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  • Suavitel 4 of 5
    Mexican Cleaning Product Must Haves-Suavitel

    Washing clothes by hand can be hard on hands. I found that using suavitel not only made our clothes softer it also left them smelling clean and fresh. 

    But it Here

  • Zote 5 of 5
    Mexican Cleaning Product Must Haves-Zote

    The best little soap you will ever find. My grandmother use to just use it as a stain remover. It can also be grated or cut in to squares to use directly in a wash.  The bar also smells so good. 

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What are some of your favorite cleaning products?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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