Mixed Hair: Products My Daughter Can’t Live Without

MIXED HAIR PRODCUTS MY DAUGHTER CANT LIVE WITHOUT Growing up I didn’t do much to my hair. I couldn’t keep it in braids longer than 2 hours. It was long thick and straight. My kid’s hair is what is known as mixed hair. They have very different textured hair that requires special products. The whole process is new to me. I knew I eventually I’d have to conquer their mixed hair.

My son had long gorgeous curls and no hair cut until he 18 months. We only decided to cut his hair because he didn’t do well with us brushing it. He would cry and it would really be a big event. I didn’t know what to use in his hair and most of the products recommended were to thick for his hair or didn’t work at all. The solution was to cut it all off. He hasn’t had his hair past 2 inches long since.

When my daughter was born she had the most straight silky dark hair ever. I didn’t think it would turn as curly as my son’s. I thought small waves for sure but curls no. She now has a full head of curls down to her back. She’s never gotten a haircut or trim. I have had to learn to manage her hair because there is no way we are cutting it all off.

It’s become a whole lot easier as my daughter gets older. We have a routine and we know what products, brushes, and hair ties are best for her hair.

Here are a few of the products we just can’t live without.

  • Mixed Hair Care 1 of 8
    Mixed Hair products we love

    Scroll through and see what products we've learned to love for our daughter's hair. 

  • Dove Frizz-Free Cream Serum 2 of 8
    mixed hair: dove style and care frizz free cream serum

    This is our number one must have. If I can't get my hands on this product(which has happened) We have a problem. It keeps my daughters hair frizz free and the curls stay put even over night. It works best with freshly washed wet hair.

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  • Dove Nourishing Dry Ends Serum 3 of 8
    mixed hair:Dove style care nourishing dry ends serum

    This is best to retouch her hair when dry or a day since washing. When it's dry and I'm styling I add this serum to get nice smooth clean finish. It does a good job at controlling her fly away baby hairs too.

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  • Pantene Relaxed Natural Conditioner 4 of 8
    mixed hair: pantene relaxed and natural conditioner

    I can use any shampoo on my daughter's hair but when it comes to conditioner this is the best one for her hair. It's moisturizing enough that when she's in the shower I can comb through her hair with no issue. 

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  • Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lotion 5 of 8
    vaseline cocoa butter total moisture

    I have been left with no product in house and I've had to get creative. I use to use lotion in my hair when wet when I was younger to make it soft and silky. A little can give you a deep leave in conditioner effect. My daughter's hair does well with this brand and a quarter size of product on each half of her hair.We only apply once and then wash out after a day because it can get gunky and feel dirty if you use too much.

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  • Goody Ouchless Brush 6 of 8
    goody ouchless finishing brush

    This is our go to brush because if we don't brush through or skip a night it can get hectic. Her hair forms knots instantly and it can be very difficult to brush through.  This lets me comb through with no issue.

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  • Conair Tail Comb 7 of 8
    conair tail comb

    This comb is best to remove small knots and also to divide her hair to style it. I use to have a hard time getting into her hair just to make a part but now I can't live without this long tail comb.

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  • Good Ouchless Hair Ties- 8 of 8
    goody ouchless black ties

    These hair elastics are the best for her hair. I am still learning to style and even braid so these are great to work with when I keep making mistakes. The ouchless ties  make it easy to take off and start again.

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What are some of your must have hair products?

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