Modern Anniversary Gifts for Him

My husband and I are coming up on 6 years of marriage. Every year, I’m on the lookout for the perfect modern anniversary gift for him. Though you could say this is already pretty modern gesture in my family because we don’t tend to gift each other much for anniversary at least. My husband and I make it a point to share a little something special to celebrate our commitment and love.

Though we’ve been together for a few years, I still remember and relive the day we met for the first time.  We aren’t your ordinary couple. Apart from meeting online, we met for the first time face to face at Downtown Disney Lego Store. Needless to say, many anniversary gifts have been very playful and childlike but this is us.

As we get older and celebrate our anniversaries I try to keep the gifts or plans pretty modern. Our celebration usually involves food and a surprise gift. The hubs knows I am a sucker for romantic settings. He’s cooked and served up a candle light dinner and he’s also done a special hotel getaway! My husband however is still a kid at heart.He is a collector of many things including legos and superhero comic books and his taste in fancy things usually have a kid like edge.

I love our love! The hubs is known for asking me and jokingly says “at what age do I have to start dressing like an adult” I laugh and say “Never” He keeps our marriage very interesting and fun!

If you have a playful and modern husband, here are some fun gifts to consider for your next anniversary!

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    Scroll through and check out some pretty awesome modern anniversary gifts for him! 

  • Bluetooth Speaker Pill Beats By Dre 2 of 7

    My husband loves to jam out to all kinds of music. He is particular about the headphones he uses and I know when hes gaming he'd love to just link up his phone to a bluetooth speaker. This is definitely a different look and on the top of my list of gifts for him. 

    Buy them here: Pill Beats By Dre

  • Superhero graphic tee 3 of 7

    This year I've already picked up a few small items to add to my gift for my husband. Adding simple favorites like graphic tees with his favorite superhero or cartoon are always welcomed. Shop around for some of his favorites. 

    Buy this tee here: Avengers Graphic Tee

  • Digital watch 4 of 7

    If your guy is particular about what he's willing to wear on his wrist then I think this would be the perfect watch for him. It's clean, simple and very cool. They also come in a variety of colors. I know my husband would love to rock this black and red watch! 

    Buy it here: The Newton Digital 

  • Eco-Friendly Shaving Kit 5 of 7

    My husband enjoys pampering and he tends to look like a bear some days with his full beard. Though I love his beard, I know having the essentials in a shaving kit is important to him. Check out this eco friendly kit in a wooden box! Love it! 

    Buy it here: Eco Friendly Shaving Kit

  • Robot cufflinks 6 of 7

    I love modern cufflinks with a vintage spin! If your husband wears cufflinks these are a must! It adds a special touch from you on any day!

    Buy them here: Robot Cufflinks 

  • Wooden Bow Tie 7 of 7

    I love everything about this bow tie. My husband has been asking me for one for a while. While I don't think he meant a wooden one, he likes modern and different things. This will surely make his stand out! 

    Buy it here: Wooden Bow Tie


What is the best anniversary gift you’ve received or given?

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